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A Marriage in Mistake: Sir, Please Control Yourself Chapter 2

Chapter 2. Hotel Room, Surprise?

“If you’ll excuse me, Yunxi is waiting for me to celebrate my birthday with him,” Li Xiaoman said as she ended the conversation. She then made her way towards Sir Huo Yehong.

Huo Yehong was the head of the Huo Family and Huo Yunxi’s grandfather. Although he was past age 70, his cheeks were still rosy, and he still carried the drive he had in his younger days.

Li Xiaoman rarely attended these banquets, but tonight was different. Sir Huo wanted her, as the granddaughter-in-law of the Huo Family, to socialize with guests.

She had been trying hard to not bring shame to Huo Yunxi or the Huo Family.

She lacked experience in socializing with guests at banquets, but she had prepared herself in private so that she wouldn’t embarrass herself in front of them.

After a series of mingling, she felt tired and made an excuse to Huo Yehong and left the banquet.

The Huo Family had prepared hotel rooms for guests to take a rest from the banquet at.

Li Xiaoman also had a room to herself upstairs in the hotel. Her smile disappeared as she entered the elevator. Instead, it was replaced with a mix of sorrow, loneliness, and grief.
There wasn’t just rumors coming out of the blue slandering her but also a lot of scandals about the CEO of the Huo Corporation, Huo Yunxi. However, since her rumors came out more recently, everybody turned their focus onto her.

She had been married to Huo Yunxi for a year now, but he rarely came home to spend time with her.

For the one year they had been married, Huo Yunxi had never touched her. They had a nominal marriage between them.
When she heard the ladies mocking her behind her back at the banquet, she wasn’t as calm and indifferent as she appeared to be.

Li Xiaoman was not only defending herself; as Huo Yunxi’s wife, she had to protect the reputations of both Huo Yunxi and his family at the banquet. In addition to that, she still had a glimmer of hope for Huo Yunxi.

Although a year had gone by, she could still remember the details on the day Huo Yunxi proposed to her on one knee.

She could recall vividly every sentence, every word, and every expression from him.
He proposed to her so earnestly and his expression was so sincere. She couldn’t understand why his attitude suddenly changed after they were married.

Her eyes flashed with sadness and she teared up suddenly.

Li Xiaoman exited the elevator and stood in front of her room.  She glanced at the room number and entered.

But she was immediately surprised by what she saw after closing the door behind her.

Her husband Huo Yunxi was standing right in front of her. The standard hotel room that once had a cold vibe, was now filled with a romantic atmosphere.

The floor was covered in rose petals, and on the dining table next to the window, there was a blooming red rose wrapped in gold ribbons.

Other than the red rose, there were also birthday candles, a bottle of red wine, and two crystal wine glasses on the table.

Li Xiaoman stood there, stunned by what she saw under the flickering candle lights.

Huo Yunxi was a very handsome man and he had a great figure. “Happy birthday, Manman,” he said as he walked towards her.

Happy birthday?

Hearing those two words, Li Xiaoman gazed at him in surprise.

Did she mishear him? He actually wished her ‘Happy birthday.’

When she told the ladies at the banquet that Huo Yunxi was preparing a birthday party just for her, she was merely lying to end the rumors.

Li Xiaoman never thought that Huo Yunxi would have actually decorated the room and waited for her here.

Her eyes filled with tears, and she wondered if she was dreaming.

Or did God hear her prayers and give back the Huo Yunxi she knew before?

“What’s wrong?” he asked her. “What are you thinking?”

Li Xiaoman looked up at him. “You remembered my birthday?”

“Of course I remember,” he replied. “It will be your 22nd birthday in a month from today.”

“If you knew it’s next month, then why today…”

“I wanted to celebrate it earlier with you,” Huo Yunxi said as he reached out his hand elegantly towards Li Xiaoman. “Let’s take a seat first.”
Staring at his hand, Li Xiaoman felt as if she was dreaming.

It had been a long time since Huo Yunxi treated her with gentleness; he had been very cold towards her ever since they were married.

For the past year, he had always been indifferent to her.

Huo Yunxi could tell she was still stunned, so he grasped her hand and led her towards the finely decorated dining table.

He pulled out the chair for Li Xiaoman like a gentleman and sat down only after she had seated.

He then poured two cups of wine and handed one to Li Xiaoman. “Happy birthday, Manman,” he said. “Cheers.”

Li Xiaoman’s eyes teared up even more after she heard Huo Yunxi call her ‘Manman.’ He hadn’t called her like this for a long time, and that brought up tons of memories between the two of them.

It was all sorts of memories made up of warmness, sorrow, agony, and grievance…

Remembering all the pressure she had felt for the past year, she bit tightly on her lower lip, trying hard to not cry.

There was no reason to cry now that her husband was back, right?

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