Chapter 20. Li Xiaoman, Scalp Tingling

Who was he?

Li Xiaoman’s gaze fell upon the handsome man beside Huo Yehong and her face turned red in an instant. She was stunned. Did the world shrink? How come I’m seeing him again? What’s he doing here at the Huo Manor?

Who was he? Why was he walking down the stairs with Grandpa Huo?

Could he be Huo Yunxi’s older brother?

God! She had a one-night-stand with her husband’s brother?

Li Xiaoman felt awkward as she stood there stunned by the situation. Why did it have to be him? Even though she was drugged, she did initiate that night. How is she going to face him?

She didn’t dare to raise her head and look at him; she wished that she could dig a hole and hide.

Huo Yehong looked at Li Xiaoman and Huo Yunxi as he introduced the man next to him. “Manman and Yunxi, this is Sihao, your older brother.”

Li Xiaoman’s heart skipped a beat. She was so nervous that she didn’t know where to place her hands.

“Big Brother…” Huo Yunxi said in a stiff voice.

Li Xiaoman was startled as if she was struck by lightning. She raised her head and met Long Sihao’s gaze.

She stood straighter and tried to greet him with courtesy, but she ended up stuttering, “Hello Bro… Brother.”

Long Sihao looked back at Li Xiaoman with his eyes narrowed, his expression hard to read. “Grandpa, this is…”

Huo Yehong looked at Li Xiaoman benignly and introduced her. “Sihao, this is Manman and you probably met her when you were little. She and Yunxi got married a year ago, so she’s your sister-in-law now.”

Having heard that Li Xiaoman had married Huo Yunxi, Long Sihao’s thin lips pressed tightly together and he stared at Li Xiaoman with brooding eyes. “So you’re my sister-in-law.”

Although he spoke softly, Li Xiaoman sensed a trace of coldness.

Li Xiaoman didn’t know what to do in this awkward atmosphere; she felt like she couldn’t breathe.

She glanced at Long Sihao, and he was still looking at her with brooding eyes. His face appeared as emotionless as if nothing had happened between them, as if she was a stranger to him.

It seems what happened that night doesn’t matter to him and it shouldn’t matter to me either, she thought. That will make it better for the both of us.

Huo Yunxi’s gaze fell upon Li Xiaoman and his expression tightened. He had noticed that she was acting a bit weird after greeting his older brother.

Huo Yehong sensed the slight awkwardness in the atmosphere, but he didn’t think much about it and turned his cold gaze towards Huo Yunxi. “Yunxi, come upstairs with me. I want to talk to you.”

He then turned towards Li Xiaoman and spoke gently, “Manman, it’s been a while since Long Sihao came back. Take good care of him for me.”

“Okay!” Li Xiaoman nodded her head lightly as she watched Huo Yehong and Huo Yunxi walk upstairs.

Only Li Xiaoman and Long Sihao were left in the grand lobby, and Li Xiaoman could feel her scalp tingling in this awkward atmosphere.

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