Chapter 21: A hint. Don’t we know each well enough?

Li Xiaoman looked around the living room and realized that her mother-in-law, Li Xuehe, was not here.

Long Sihao had already sat down on the leather sofa in the living room, and he was looking at Li Xiaoman with his deep and mysterious gaze. His lips opened slightly as he said in a deep and clear voice, “Grandpa asked you to entertain the guest!”

Li Xiaoman tilted her head to look at Long Sihao, who was sitting on the leather sofa with his long legs crossing elegantly. His thoughtful and enigmatic gaze emanated a strong sense of superiority. He looked like an emperor greeting his people and waiting to be bowed towards.

Li Xiaoman walked slowly toward him but was afraid to look at him in the eyes. After what happened between them, she was nervous.

She sat across from Long Sihao on the leather sofa and turned her eyes toward the coffee table with the carved floral pattern. She picked up the U.S imported Jonagold apple from the Ivory high foot fruit tray. “Let me peel it for you,” she said in a low voice.

Long Sihao was silent, still looking at Li Xiaoman with his deep and mysterious gaze. Xiaoman’s hands were shaking nervously while she tried to peel the apple. Long Sihao tightened his thin lips lightly and said in a deep voice, “Why did you buy the birth control pills today?”

“Ah…”  Her face turned red, and her hands shook. Then, she cut her finger accidentally.

The blood came out, and Li Xiaoman immediately put the finger into her mouth, but a big and firm hand grabbed her wrist. Before she even realized what was happening, Long Sihao already put her finger in his mouth.

“Ah… You… “ Li Xiaoman was astonished. “What is he thinking? Why did he put my finger in his mouth? Why? Isn’t he my brother-in-law?”

Xiaoman’s face turned red completely. She pulled her hand back immediately and stared at him in disbelief. “What are you doing?”

Long Sihao pursed his thin and beautiful lips and looked at Xiaoman coolly without answering her. Instead, he said in a deep voice, “You didn’t answer my question. Why did you buy the birth control pills?”

Xiaoman frowned slightly and looked at his mysterious eyes. She tried her best to calm her nerves down and said quietly, “Yunxi and I are not planning to have kids yet, so of course I’ll take birth control pills. I don’t think this is any of your business. Although you’re the big brother, I never met you since I married into this family, and I don’t think we’re close enough to even talk about…”

Long Sihao cut her off and said in a deep and clear voice, “Not close enough? We were together for one night.”

“You…” Li Xiaoman was stunned and breathless. She couldn’t believe her ears. She thought it was a one-night stand and he would have forgotten about everything. But now, he was talking about it calmly as if it was not a big deal.

She blushed feverishly as she forced herself to speak calmly, “I don’t remember what happened that night, so you better forget about it, too”

Long Sihao looked at her red face with his deep and thoughtful gaze that was still hard to read. He had a blank look as he said emotionlessly, “It was my first time.”

Li Xiaoman almost jumped up from the sofa after hearing what he said. Her lips twitched uncontrollably, and she couldn’t believe what she had heard. He looked elegant and sophisticated, but his words and actions were so shocking.

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