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A Marriage in Mistake: Sir, Please Control Yourself Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – Slapped by her mother-in-law

“He’s like a wolf in sheep’s clothing!” Xiaoman thought.

So what? Even if it was his first time, why did he tell her? It was her first time, too!

Narrowing her eyes, she was about to speak, and then her mother-in-law, Li Xuehe, walked downstairs.

She stood up right away and said politely, “Mom…”

Li Xuehe glared at Xiaoman and walked toward her, raising her hand and slapping her forcefully.

“Ah…” Xiaoman’s head swung to the side. This sudden slap threw her off balance, and she fell onto the sofa.

Xiaoman touched her face with her slim fingers. She looked at her mother-in-law, Li Xuehe, and asked with watery eyes, “Why did you hit me?”

Li Xuehe opened her eyes widely and stared at Xiaoman fiercely. “How dare you ask why? What did you say to your grandpa? Were you badmouthing my son? Dad is so mad and wants to kick Yunxi out of the Huo Group. You’re such a heartless woman. Yunxi is your husband, how could you do this to him? Is that what you want?”

Li Xuehe stared at Li Xiaoman furiously and raised her hand again to slap her.

When Li Xuehe’s hand was about to hit her, a big hand suddenly appeared and blocked it.

It was Long Sihao who had stopped Li Xuehe. Li Xuehe was shocked and tried to hide her feelings. She was already nervous to see Long Sihao again, as she had never thought that he would come back after being absent for ten years. She was even scared about the true intention behind his return, and she thought he was already…

She pretended to be shocked and said bitterly, “Sihao, what are you doing? I know you’re the oldest grandson, but I’m your senior. You just got back here, and now you’re trying to stop me from teaching my daughter-in-law how to behave?”

Long Sihao looked at Li Xiaoman’s swollen cheek, his pitch-black pupils containing a trace of rage, as it deepened like the night. He opened his thin cherry blossom colored lips and said with a clear voice, “Auntie Huo, it’s fine to teach your daughter-in-law, but here is not the right place.”

He finished talking and let go of Li Xuehe’s hand. Then, he returned to the sofa and sat down like a king, exuding undeniable power and elegant grace.

Li Xiaoman never thought that Long Sihao would help her. She took a quick glimpse at him with her watery eyes, puzzled by his action.

Li Xuehe was furious, but she didn’t dare to do anything to Long Sihao, so she took it out on Li Xiaoman.

“Why are you still here? Go to the kitchen and help Chef Zhang! You really think you’re a trophy wife?” Li Xuehe yelled at Li Xiaoman angrily.

Li Xiaoman turned her eyes away with her long eyelashes covering the emotions in her eyes and walked toward the kitchen. She didn’t want to face Li Xuehe anyway, she’s happy to go to the kitchen.

Long Sihao watched Li Xiaoman walking away until she disappeared in the corner. His eyes turned dull, and an enigmatic look came up on his face, His emotions unreadable.

Chef Zhang was surprised to see Li Xiaoman when she walked into the kitchen. “Young Madam, what are you doing here?”

Li Xiaoman looked at Chef Zhang and smiled. “Chef Zhang, let me help you.”

Chef Zhang looked at her swollen cheek and sighed. “Mrs. Huo, you were bullied again… I don’t know what they are thinking. Why can’t they leave you alone? You better put an ice pack on that cheek. Please, go and get some rest. I don’t need your help.”


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  1. Seriously this FL is getting hit so many times and endured all the BS from husband and mom in-law. Why did she suffers it??? Very annoying.
    Will this torture continue on????

    • Vermillion Bird

      Yeah, it’ll go on for a while longer, but that just emphasizes that her current relationship is toxic and she needs to get out. She’ll come around soon 😀

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