Chapter 23: Mockery, I Will See Myself Out

Li Xiaoman smiled at Mrs.Zhang as she began washing the vegetables. “I’m okay, Mrs. Zhang, I can learn some of your cooking skills while I help you.”

Mrs. Zhang accepted her help after hearing this.

Huo Yehong and Huo Yunxi came downstairs with troubled expressions as Li Xiaoman helped Mrs. Zhang bring the meal to the long marble dining table.

Huo Yunxi’s expression was cold as if it were covered with a layer of frost, staring at Li Xiaoman with eyes as sharp as swords. It was like he wanted to skin her alive.

Li Xiaoman frowned, pretending to not see the sharp look from him.

Huo Yehong turned to look at Li Xiaoman and saw that her pale face was swollen with a clear palm print; it was obvious that she had been slapped by someone.

He pulled Li Xiaoman to sit down at the dining table and asked, “Manman, what happened to your face? Who hit you?”

Li Xiaoman smiled at Huo Yehong and said, “Don’t worry about me, Grandpa; let’s eat first!”

Huo Yehong looked at her lovingly and said, “Manman, I have 60% ownership of the company and I am going to give you 15% as a gift.”

After hearing this, Li Xuehe immediately responded unhappily, “Dad, she had been married to Yunxi for a whole year already and hasn’t given you a great-grandchild, what right does she have to receive 15% of the company’s ownership?”

“Shut up!” Huo Yehong interrupted Li Xuehe angrily and glared at Huo Yunxi. “Leave the Huo Enterprise if you can’t give me a great-grandchild.”

Li Xuehe gave Li Xiaoman a dirty look and said, “Dad, Li Xiaoman is the one that has health issues that prevent them from having a child. It has nothing to do with Yunxi. Doing this is so unfair to him.”

Li Xiaoman clenched her chopsticks tighter; she looked up and met the deep and dark eyes of Long Sihao. She immediately looked down, feeling embarrassed; he should know the reason why she couldn’t get pregnant!

Long Sihao’s deep and dark eyes relaxed a little seeing that she looked down in a panic; there were still no emotions on his handsome face.

The mood during this meal was rather depressing. Mrs. Zhang brought over a bowl of chicken soup for each of them just as they were about to finish.

After the meal, Huo Yehong watched Xiaoman as she was dragged into Huo Yunxi’s Bentley.

Li Xiaoman noticed that Huo Yunxi’s expression was stormy just as they left the Huo Manor; his face was red like blood.

He suddenly stopped the car, panting heavily.

Li Xiaoman narrowed her eyes, thinking he wanted to kick her out of the car. She said coldly, “I don’t need you to kick me out, I will go myself.”

She was about to push open the car door when Huo Yunxi grabbed her delicate wrist and pulled her against his chest. He went straight for her pink lips and started kissing her passionately.

Shocked by his action, she immediately put her hands on his chest and tried to push him away. “Huo Yunxi, what are you doing? Are you crazy?”

Huo Yunxi’s eyes radiated desire and anger. He looked at her and said mockingly, “Hehe… Li Xiaoman, shouldn’t you know if I’m crazy? You laced my chicken soup; do you want me to have sex with you this badly? Despicable.”

Li Xiaoman’s watery eyes looked at him in shock, and she replied in a cold tone, “That is enough, Huo Yunxi. I didn’t lace you chichen;I told you, I am not interested in someone who is as cheap as a public bus that anyone can get a ride.”


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