Chapter 24. Humiliation, New Definition of B-----d

Huo Yunxi grabbed Li Xiaoman’s chin as he leaned closer. He could even smell the faint scent coming from her, and that made him feel more irritated.

Huo Yunxi smirked. “Ha… Li Xiaoman, you really disgust me. Why are you pretending? Who else would drug me other than you? Since you want me to sleep with you this badly, I’ll satisfy you.”

He lowered his head and kissed her again.

Li Xiaoman was flustered, and her eyes became watery as she struggled to get away. “Huo Yunxi, are you out of your mind? Don’t touch me! Who do you think you are?”

Huo Yunxi stopped and looked at her with both desire and anger. “Li Xiaoman, don’t pretend to be a virgin. Or are you just playing hard to get?”

“Funny… Hard to get? To someone like you?” Li Xiaoman sneered as she looked at him in contempt. “Huo Yunxi, I thought you were an animal before, but I was wrong. To call you an animal is an insult to them. You are a b-----d. You’re even lower than an animal.”

Li Xiaoman’s words made Huo Yunxi angrier. He breathed heavily, and his eyes turned red in an instant; he wanted to crush her.

He stared at her as if she were his prey. “If you think I’m a b-----d, then I guess I should live up to that name,” he said and started to tear off her clothes.

Without any gentleness, he kissed her as if he were a wolf that was hunting its prey.

Li Xiaoman had a different taste from Xia Lin.

Huo Yunxi kissed her more invasively as the drug started to take effect.

“Urgh… No… Stop touching me…”

Tears of humiliation fell down Li Xiaoman’s cheeks as she struggled to turn her head away from Huo Yunxi’s kiss.

She used to have hope for him, but now she hated him and felt disgusted by his touch.

As  Li Xiaoman struggled to turn her head away, Huo Yunxi’s kisses landed on her cheek and hair instead.

He suddenly stopped and looked at her with more anger in his eyes. Irritated by the tears in Li Xiaoman’s eyes, he sneered, “I almost fell for your tricks, Li Xiaoman. You drugged me because you wanted me to sleep with you, and I’m not going to do that.”

Huo Yunxi took out his phone and made a phone call in front of Li Xiaoman. “Babe, come to Elm Road, I need you right now. Hurry…”

Li Xiaoman’s face turned pale in an instant as she stared blankly at Huo Yunxi.

“What are you waiting for?” Huo Yunxi sneered, “Get out.”

Tears filled Li Xiaoman’s eyes; her heart still ached from his words. She took a deep breath before asking him calmly, “Huo Yunxi, do you hate me this much? Have you ever loved me even a bit?”

Huo Yunxi’s brows furrowed as he glanced at her with contempt. “If Grandpa didn’t force me to marry you as you requested, maybe I wouldn’t have hated you this much. Li Xiaoman, you better stop playing tricks because it’s impossible for me to fall for you.”

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