Chapter 25: Hop in! What’s going on?

Tears fell from Li Xiaoman’s eyes after she heard what he said. She felt desperately hopeless toward this marriage and him. “Huo Yunxi, believe it or not, I never asked Grandpa to force you to marry me. Don’t forget what you said to me today; I hope you’ll never regret it.”

She finished talking and got out of his car. Then, she saw a red Porsche stopping by in front of her.

A coquettish woman with heavy make-up stepped out of the vehicle before getting in Huo Yunxi’s car.

Li Xiaoman was stunned. Shortly after, loud moans and heavy breathing came from the black Bentley, and the car began shaking violently.

Li Xiaoman’s face grew white, and her slim body looked like a leaf in the fall that was about to be blown away in a storm.

Suddenly, a black Rolls Royces came up from behind and went past her. But after a moment, the car backed and stopped beside her. The handsome man in the driver seat was Long Sihao.

He looked at the shaking Bentley gravely and heard the loud and clear moans from it. Of course, he knew what was happening in the car.

His thick and fine eyebrows furrowed as he looked at Xiaoman who looked to be about to faint. He opened his car door and spoke in a low but clear voice, “Hop in.”

Li Xiaoman finally pulled herself together after hearing Long Sihao’s deep voice. She looked at him with her tearing eyes, her soft gaze unfocused. She pointed at the shaking Bentley and laughed self-mockingly. “Haha… I’m such a joke! Your little brother, my husband, is having sex with another woman, and I…”

Long Sihao didn’t let her finish. He frowned and pulled her into the car with his long and strong arm. Then, he closed the door and drove away.

“What are you doing?” Li Xiaoman looked at his unreadable eyes.

Long Sihao drove on without showing any emotions; his gaze was deep and mysterious.

Li Xiaoman couldn’t make him talk. She narrowed her eyes and said, “I don’t need your help. Men are all the same, sexist, misogynist… Brothers are the same…”

Hearing her words, Long Sihao suddenly stepped on the brakes. His cold gaze looked like a sharpened sword that could cut through anything. His beautiful thin lips pressed together slightly before he said, “What did you say?”

Li Xiaoman saw how hard he had stepped on the brakes. Now with his chilling look and this intimidating atmosphere… It was frightening.

If it were before, she would definitely be afraid to face Long Sihao. But at this moment, she no longer cared.

She glared at him with her watery eyes and said coldly, “Fine, I’ll say it again. You men are all the same, and brothers are just like each other. You think only with your lower-half body! Huo Yunxi is like that, and you’re exactly the same. You know very well what you did to me that night in the hotel.”

The atmosphere became uncomfortably quiet.

Li Xiaoman turned her head slightly and stole a look at Long Sihao; he was incredibly handsome under the moonlight, and his beautiful facial features looked unreal, making him look like an alluring Greek God.

His beautifully shaped hands held the steering wheel tightly, and his thin lips pressed tightly, giving a sense of toughness and authority. He seemed to be mad under his blank and unemotional veneer.

He kept his silence.

Just when Li Xiaoman thought that he was about to explode, he spoke calmly, “It was you who started it that night.”

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