Chapter 26: Thank you for your service, Mr. Gigolo.

Li Xiaoman’s face instantly became red, and she stared at him with her dazzling eyes. “Yes, I started it, but I was under the influence of drugs. You could’ve stopped me!”

Long Sihao squinted his eyes slightly with a trace of fury in them. He still maintained a thoughtful look on his beautiful face as he said calmly, “Yes, I know. That’s why I saved you.”

“You…” Li Xiaoman was at a loss for words, angry at Long Sihao’s indifferent response. She knew for sure that this man was not as innocent as he looked.

She narrowed her eyes and tried to control her anger. Then, she took out a bill from her wallet and handed it to Long Sihao. “Thank you for your service. Here is your tip as a gigolo. By the way, you’re not good at this job. You’re terrible in bed,” she said bitterly.

She opened the door and got out irritably.

“Am I terrible in bed?” Long Sihao stared at the hundred-yuan bill with strange lights flashing in his beautiful eyes.

He tilted his head and looked at Li Xiaoman through the window with his sharp gaze.

  • The Love Club –

Cigarette smoke and the smell of alcohol were in the air, and music blared as sweaty bodies pressed and rubbed against each other as men and women danced in the never-ending night.

Li Xiaoman walked into the club after she left Long Sihao’s car. This was her first time in a nightclub, and the loud music was too much for her delicate ears.

She didn’t like this kind of noisy environment and wouldn’t have come here if Huo Yunxi didn’t break her heart.

She sat before the counter and had a few drinks which were enough to get her drunk. Her face became red like a ripe cherry; she looked captivating, attractive, and ready to be taken.

Her vision became blurring as she was struck by a wave of dizziness, and she saw five men walking toward her.

She frowned with a sense of unease and got prepared to leave, but one of the men blocked her way.

The man was around 40 years old; the smell of alcohol was all over him. He wore a thick gold chain around his neck, showing a vulgar smile as he put a hand on Li Xiaoman’s shoulder.

He looked at her with a creepy smirk and said, “Hey babe, why are you drinking alone? Let’s have some fun!”

Li Xiaoman shifted and tried to get away from this creepy man. “Please go away. Do not touch me!”

The more she struggled, the tighter the man held on. He had a disgusting smile on his face as he continued, “Come on. Let’s dance!”

Li Xiaoman looked at his dirty face and suddenly remembered the night in which those men tried to assault her in the hotel hallway. She felt the rage and kicked this man’s stomach.

The man bent down instantly from the pain, and Li Xiaoman pushed him away to run toward the exit.

The man was in severe agony and mad as hell. “Get that fucking btch!”

“Yes, Brother Quan!” The other four men ran after Li Xiaoman.

As soon as Li Xiaoman was out of the club, she was immediately surrounded by those four men, and one of them grabbed her wrist.

Li Xiaoman stared at him and struggled, screaming in panic, “Let me go!”

“Btch, you dared hit Brother Quan? You are fcked.” The man glared at her viciously and dragged her back into the club.

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