Chapter 27: Warning, Do Not Go to the Hotel

“Let me… Let me go…” Li Xiaoman struggled.

Suddenly, she heard a cold yet familiar voice behind her just as she was about to bite the man’s hand.

“Let her go.”

Li Xiaoman saw Long Sihao from the corner of her eye.

Standing like a cypress tree, he radiated an imposing aura. His tense ink-like eyes were looking at her wrist; there were no emotions on his face.

The man who was holding Li Xiaoman’s wrist looked at Long Sihao and was shocked by his stunning good looks even though he was a man.

After a brief pause, he said coldly, “Who are you? How dare you interfere with Brother Quan’s affairs? Stay out of it unless you want to die.”

The man grabbed Li Xiaoman’s hand and started walking towards the bar. Suddenly, a sharp pain hit his wrist. He had no idea what was going on and screamed, “AHHH…”

Li Xiaoman stared at Long Sihao in shock. He had appeared behind her suddenly and gripped that man’s wrist.

The man screamed in pain, “AHHH… stop it… stop it…”

Long Sihao’s eyes narrowed as a dangerous light flashed across them; his gaze was so sharp that it could kill. He pursed his thin lips and applied a bit of more pressure on the wrist.

Kack! Everyone heard the loud cracking sound; the man’s wrist seemed like it was broken.

“AHHH…” The man’s miserable scream pierced the sky as his right hand fell, and his face turned pale. The immense pain from his broken wrist made him sweat profusely; he was too scared to even make a sound in front of this handsome man.

The other three men also stared at Long Sihao in shock. They were too scared to even help the man with the broken wrist, so they stood where they were unmoving.

Li Xiaoman’s eyes widened and stared at the expressionless Long Sihao. He didn’t look to have used much force, yet that man’s wrist broke. It was clear that he was very strong.

Even though he always looked elegant and gentle, he could be very fierce when he wanted. Li Xiaoman’s instinct told her that the man in front of her was very dangerous, and she should stay away from him.

Long Sihao let that man go and looked at Li Xiaoman with his dark eyes. His voice was soft with a hint of coldness as he said, “Don’t go to bars anymore. Come with me.”

Then, he grabbed Li Xiaoman with an unreadable expression and strode towards his Rolls Royce.

Just as he was opening the car door for Li Xiaoman, she suddenly pushed him away and took a step back. She narrowed her eyes at him nervously. “Why did you help me?”

Tipsy, she stumbled away from Long Sihao.

Long Sihao’s ink-black eyes stared at her slim figure, and his eyebrows furrowed as he roared, “Li Xiaoman…”

Shocked, she paused in her tracks and turned around to look at Long Sihao. She met his mysterious, ink-black eyes which magnetized and pulled her in as if her soul were about to get sucked into the depth of his pupils.

She stared at him for a while in silence.

Then, the alcohol kicked in, and her vision blurred. She shook her head, stumbled forward, and grabbed onto his arm without moving her gaze away.

Next, she said something that shocked him, “Let’s go! Can we go get a hotel room?”

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