Chapter 28: Drunk, I Want You

“What did you say?” Long Sihao’s eyes narrowed as he stared at Li Xiaoman, whose cheeks had reddened from the alcohol.

“You are drunk,” he said.

“I’m not drunk. Let’s go!” Li Xiaoman shook her head stubbornly and pointed ahead of her. “How about we go there?”

Coincidentally, there was a five-star hotel ahead, and she pulled Long Sihao into the grand hotel lobby. Li Xiaoman went straight to the reception desk and pulled out her ID card along with her credit card as she said to the receptionist, “I want a big room with a big soft bed. We are in a hurry!”

Long Sihao’s lips twitched slightly when he heard her request, and his gaze fell upon her flushed face. He knew that she was drunk.

The receptionist noticed the drunken state that Li Xiaoman was in and turned her gaze to Long Sihao.

“Sir… Sir, do you want …” she stuttered as she was astonished by his gorgeous looks.

Long Sihao glanced back at her and asked for a presidential suite before she could finish her question.

Then, he carried Li Xiaoman into the suite and went straight into the bathroom.

“You’re drunk,” he said to Li Xiaoman as he stared into her eyes and turned on the tap water. “You should take a bath.”

Li Xiaoman’s watery eyes stared at Long Sihao’s profile as she walked up and hugged him from behind.

Long Sihao was stunned by her action, and his body stiffened. A mix of emotions flashed across his eyes as he called out her name in his deep low voice, “Li Xiaoman…”

He pried her hands away from his waist and turned around. “Go take a bath and sober up.”

“No…” Li Xiaoman shook her head like a child. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she pulled herself closer. In a tearful voice, she complained, “Huo Yunxi is having an affair; why can’t I? I want to… We’ve done it, right?”

Her slim hands moved from his face to his chest, and her fingers trembled as she unbuttoned his suit.

Then, there were the buttons on his silk dress shirt.

Li Xiaoman stopped when his muscular, smooth chest was exposed to the air, and then she touched it with her trembling fingers.

Long Sihao was completely stunned by her actions, and his brows pinched together as gazed down at Li Xiaoman’s face. Finally, he grabbed Li Xiaoman’s hands.

“Xiaoxiao,” he said in a deep voice, “It’s okay; stop playing around.”

Li Xiaoman shook her head childishly and pouted. “No! … I want you…”

She placed her face on his chest as she pulled out her hands from his grasp. She wrapped her arms around his neck again and stood on her toes to kiss him.

She kissed him without any techniques.

Long Sihao’s eyes narrowed as he looked at her with complicated emotions on his face. His arms went around her waist as he asked her in a husky voice, “Xiaoxiao, do you know who I am?”

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