Chapter 31: All I want is you

Long Sihao was taken aback by Li Xiaoman’s reaction. He looked at her sharply, lifting her chin up gently with his big hand. He said in his deep and clear voice, “Why are you so nervous? What are you afraid of?”

Li Xiaoman blinked her eyes and raised her head to face him. Her beautiful eyelashes fluttered like a butterfly’s wings. “Well… you came in so silently… and touched my forehead without a word… of course I got nervous… it’s a normal reaction…”

He said with a blank face. “I was just checking if your fever has gone down.”

Li Xiaoman narrowed her eyes with puzzlement on her face and touched her own forehead. “I had a fever last night?”

“Yes,” Long Sihao answered coolly and handed a bag to her. “You can put this on in the bathroom.” His voice was deep as usual.

Li Xiaoman frowned slightly and looked at the bathrobe she was wearing. She hesitated for a second, then took the bag and headed into the bathroom.

She closed the door and looked inside the bag. There were a white dress and a set of underwear.

She blushed a little. “He even got underwear for me?”

She was surprised that everything fitted perfectly.

“How did he know my size?”

Everything was from Chanel, and they were certainly not cheap.

She put on the clothes and walked out of the bathroom.

Long Sihao stood in the grand living room wearing a simple black shirt with three buttons undone from the top, revealing his muscular chest and flawless skin. His golden cufflinks sparkled majestically under the chandelier light.

Standing there, he looked unapproachable and yet alluring; he was aristocratic, extravagant, magnetic, and enticing.

It was human nature to be drawn to beautiful things; Li Xiaoman was no exception.

She seized this rare opportunity to appreciate his good looks.

Long Sihao noticed that she was staring at him and he smiled subtly. “Are you satisfied with my looks?”

Li Xiaoman looked away immediately and asked aloofly, “Hm… how much are those clothes? I’ll pay you back.”

Long Sihao’s sharp eyes narrowed as he walked toward her. He leaned forward until his thin lips were only one inch from her ear and whispered, “I don’t want your money, I want…”

He tucked the loose hair behind her ear with his long fingers. His unfinished sentence sent provocative images into her head.

Li Xiaoman could smell the tantalizing scent that only belonged to him. She frowned slightly and stepped back subconsciously.

She stood straighter and said stiffly, “I can only give you money, nothing else.”

Long Sihao gazed at her aloof expression with his unreadable eyes. “No. I want nothing but you.”

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