Chapter 32. He Says He Wants Her

“What did you say?” Li Xiaoman was surprised.
Had she misheard him? Long Sihao said that he wanted her.

But she was his sister-in-law.

Even though there was something between them that shouldn’t have happened, that was merely an accident.

Long Sihao stared at her as he stepped even closer and asked, “Do you want to hear it again?”

Li Xiaoman felt as if she were drowning in his mesmerizing eyes.

She forced herself to calm down and replied, “I’m thankful that you didn’t leave me on the streets last night; although you’re Huo Yunxi’s older brother, we are not familiar…”

“Not familiar?” Long Sihao narrowed his eyes and interrupted her, “You don’t remember me at all?”
Li Xiaoman felt nervous under his sharp gaze, but she straightened her back and looked back at him. “Sorry, but all I know is that you are Huo Yunxi’s older brother. I don’t recall seeing you before. Also, I’ll divorce Huo Yunxi soon, so you don’t have to pay for the clothes for me. I’ll pay you back.”

Long Sihao’s cell phone rang, but he didn’t pick it up. Instead, he stared deeply into her eyes and asked, “You are going to divorce Huo Yunxi? Have you decided?”

His voice was deep as usual showing no trace of emotion, but a mix of emotions flashed across his eyes.

Li Xiaoman didn’t understand why he was asking about it and thought it was just a random question. She looked at him and replied, “Yes…”

Long Sihao picked up the phone call once he had heard the affirmative answer from her.

Li Xiaoman looked at him and thought that he was acting a bit weird.

“I have a meeting to attend,” Long Sihao said to her as he hung up the phone call, “I’ll drive you home first.”

Li Xiaoman shook her head and gave him a polite smile. “It’s okay, I’ll take a taxi back.”

Long Sihao’s eyes narrowed at her rejection and he grabbed her wrist abruptly and pulled her closer.

Her eyes widened at his action.

“What… What are you doing…”

Long Sihao lowered his head and leaned toward her ear, and he sounded slightly unpleased. “Don’t ever say that we are not familiar. Don’t forget that night we kissed, we hugged, and we even…”

“Brother,” Li Xiaoman’s face was red as she interrupted him, “What happened that night was an accident and I already forgot about it. I hope you’ll do the same and not bring it up again.”

“You called me brother?” Long Sihao stared at her with a dark expression.

Li Xiaoman sensed that there was something unusual about him. She pulled out her hand from his and said, “Thanks again. I’ll be heading back now.”

She hurried outside once she finished her words.

Long Sihao’s expression turned hard at her reaction.

He stood still and looked in her direction until she disappeared from his sight.

Li Xiaoman returned to the Jade Garden by taxi.

She went directly into the study and printed out three copies of the Divorce Agreement. She smiled bitterly as she signed her names on all the documents.

The marriage between Huo Yunxi and her had broken down completely, and there was no reason to continue.

She held the Divorce Agreements in her hands as she waited for Huo Yunxi on the living room sofa. She waited until the evening, but there was still no sign of him.

Li Xiaoman had dozed off on the sofa when a cold and mocking voice came to her ears. “Were you waiting for me?”

Li Xiaoman’s eyelashes fluttered as she slowly opened her eyes and looked into Huo Yunxi’s eyes.

After the nap, her face was pink, and her confusion was captivating; he found it hard to turn his gaze away.
Huo Yunxi’s Adam’s apple moved up and down as he stared at her in fascination.

She had an oval face with a fair complexion and delicate facial features. Her thin eyebrows curved like willow leaves; her eyes were watery and her pupils clear like obsidians; she had a small nose and her lips were naturally pink. Li Xiaoman was a beautiful and elegant woman.

Her white one-piece dress wrapped tightly around her body, showing off her curves. She was like a pure white Lily, and at the same time like a white rose with thorns, looking cool and proud.

Li Xiaoman didn’t notice the passion in his eyes. She stood up and handed the Divorce Agreement to him, and with an emotionless expression. she said, “Huo Yunxi, this is our Divorce Agreement. I don’t want any money from the Huo Family. So if there are no other problems after you read it over, we can get a lawyer to process this tomorrow.”

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