Chapter 33: You are so dumb

Huo Yunxi stared at the Divorce Agreement in disbelief and then he looked at Li Xiaoman who seemed completely serious.

He snatched the papers away from her. Having seen that she had already signed them, he felt an unexplainable frustration and even anger.

He clenched onto the papers tightly and stared at her coldly. “Li Xiaoman, there’s a limit to your ‘playing hard to get’ game. You think you can threaten me with these?”

Li Xiaoman’s heart ached; she wondered what kind of a person she was in Huo Yunxi’s eyes, so that he thought she was playing games with him with divorce

She stared at his face and said in a cold voice, “Huo Yunxi, I’m not interested in playing hard to get with you. The moment you betrayed our marriage, you no longer deserved me to do anything for you. Just sign the agreements. Once we divorce, you’ll know if I was playing hard to get.”

Huo Yunxi stared sharply back at her and couldn’t find any regret in her eyes; he suddenly felt a bit panicked.

He grabbed her jaw and stared at her sharply. “Li Xiaoman, don’t pretend with me. Don’t you love me? For the year we’ve been married, no matter how I ignored you, you never brought up divorce with me. Now you say you want a divorce, do you think I will believe you?”

Li Xiaoman’s heart ached when he brought up their one year of marriage, but she was regretful even more.

She had waited one year for him to come back to her but realized that he wasn’t worth it.

Li Xiaoman had a distant look in her eyes as she brushed his hand away from her chin. “Huo Yunxi, I don’t care if you believe it or not. Shut up and just sign the papers.”

Huo Yunxi felt more alarmed and even angry when he saw her determination.

He should be happy that she brought up the divorce, but why was he feeling reluctant about this?

“Li Xiaoman, what are you trying to do this time? You know that Grandpa will not agree on the divorce, and you’re doing this to make Grandpa be angry at me, right? You’re trying to take revenge on me, by using Grandpa to kick me out of the Huo Enterprise?” He stared coldly at her and continued, “You are so manipulative; but I’m not going to ivorce you as you want to.”

Anger appeared in Li Xiaoman’s eyes and she clenched her hands into fists. “Huo Yunxi, you are really dumb, you know? If you have some problems with your brain, maybe try using your cerebellum instead, I…”

Huo Yunxi’s cellphone rang suddenly and he answered the phone call.


When she heard Huo Yunxi speak in such a tender voice, she knew that the phone call was from Xia Lin and she was even more determined to divorce him.

She waited for him to finish the phone call and said to him emotionlessly, “Huo Yunxi, if you are concerned about Grandpa finding out about our divorce, we can hide it from him. I’ll go talk to Grandpa later by myself and take all responsibility for it. So you don’t have to worry about that!”

Seeing her determination, his eyes turned harder. “Li Xiaoman, you think Grandpa’s going to believe you?”

Li Xiaoman raised her voice, “This won’t work and that won’t work. So what do you want?” Her pretty eyes narrowed in anger, riled up by his words despite her mild temperament.

Huo Yunxi threw the Divorce Agreements back at her and pinched her jaw again. He stared into her eyes and said something he would regret later, “Unless you have an affair with someone else…”

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