Chapter 34: You Should Buy Some Eye Drops to Cleanse Your Eyes

His words resonated loud and clear like thunder on a sunny day, and she took a step back to avoid physical contact with Huo Yunxi; her heart started to ache fiercely.

Was he the husband whom she had been married for a year? Was it not enough that she lost her virginity because of him that night at the hotel?

She must have been blind to like a b*stard like him.

Her watery eyes turned red, and she bit her shaking lips to make sure she wouldn’t cry in front of him. She said in a tiny voice, “Wow Huo Yunxi, you will really do anything just to protect yourself…”

She turned around and walked upstairs without acknowledging Huo Yunxi. When she was halfway up the stairs, she said, “I will grant your wish should I meet the right person.”

Huo Yunxi stood in shock while staring at Li Xiaoman until she disappeared from his peripherals.

The sentence “I will grant your wish should I meet the right person.” was like a stab at his heart; it annoyed him and his heart began hurting.

His phone rang again at this time, so he picked it up and started walking out of the lobby.

Li Xiaoman directly went to the guest bedroom when she got upstairs. She didn’t cry because of Huo Yunxi this time; she remembered what Long Sihao had said about how it wasn’t worth crying over people who didn’t deserve it.

Huo Yunxi didn’t come back to the manor for a couple of days in a row after this and Li Xiaoman’s life became much quieter.

As a result of the fact that she used to have hopes for Huo Yunxi, she always just stayed at home and was a virtuous wife who would wait patiently for her husband to get home every day. However, this was no longer the case.

She dialled her best friend Lin Momo. “Momo, I want to go find a job, I don’t want to stay home every day.”

Lin Momo agreed with her over the phone, “Manman, you should’ve found a job a long time ago so you wouldn’t have wasted so much mental energy on that b*stard Huo Yunxi. The Jewellery Enterprise is hiring for designers recently, I want to go try it. Do you want to come with me?”

“Me…” Li Xiaoman raised her eyebrows, “would it be too difficult for me to apply? I haven’t even completed my post-secondary studies before marrying Huo Yunxi, so…”

“Manman, I feel so bad that you married that b*stard Huo Yunxi when you weren’t even 22. But don’t worry, I heard that they don’t care much about your educational background; you have a chance as long as you have done good designs. You are so gifted and have so much potential, I believe in you!”

Li Xiaoman’s lips curved up, showing a slight smile. “Okay, let’s go to the interview together.”

“Okay, tomorrow. It’s been decided.”

Li Xiaoman and Lin Momo went to the interview together the next day, and luckily, they both got hired.

Lin Momo suggested that they should go out to eat in order to celebrate.

The two of them went to a western restaurant named Victor.

Victor was the most high-end western restaurant in the whole city, the decor was luxurious and unique, the combination of black and gold radiating a romantic vibe; the aged wooden floor and the grand vintage crystal chandelier were brilliant and eye-catching; there was a beautiful bouquet of roses on each dining table, two crystal candles shining brightly like the stars in the night sky; it was clearly an amazing restaurant for a couple on a date.

But of course, the people who dined here were not limited to couples.

Li Xiaoman and Lin Momo walked into the restaurant and sat down at their reserved table.

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