Chapter 35: Young Master Long, Watch Out For Your Chastity

Li Xiaoman was wearing a tight silver bandeau dress which perfectly outlined her slim and curvy figure. With a white cropped blazer over her dress, she was sexy and elegant at the same time. Her skin was radiant and her long wavy hair was let loose onto her shoulders. She was young, beautiful, and breath-taking.

She became the center of attention the moment she entered the restaurant.

Her glistening eyes looked around the restaurant and she said to Lin Momo softly, “Momo, it seems expensive here! Let me treat you this time.”

Lin Momo, who sat across from her, looked sexy and alluring in her orange one-piece dress that accentuated her waist.

Lin Momo was as slim as Li Xiaoman, but her long wavy hair was dyed light brown and was let loose onto her shoulders. She had naturally seductive eyes; her complexion was fair, yet her lips appeared to be glamorous red. If Li Xiaoman was like an elegant white lily flower, then Lin Momo would be more like a charming red rose.

Lin Momo raised her eyebrows and smiled at Li Xiaoman. “Honey, I know about your situation. Even though you and that Huo b-----d were married, he never gave you any money. You earned all your money from Taobao and you have to give some of that to your mom and uncle every month. I’ll treat you this time today, and you can treat me next time.”

“Let’s order first,” said Lin Momo as she handed her menu.

Li Xiaoman looked up at her with a light smile on her pretty face. She was touched by Lin Momo’s words and felt grateful to have her as a friend.

Just as she looked back down at the menu, Lin Momo let out a sound of surprise.

“Manman, look, that man from the pharmacy…”

Li Xiaoman’s heart trembled a bit having heard Lin Momo’s words. She looked up and her gaze followed Lin Momo’s finger into the direction she was pointing at. It was indeed Long Sihao and he was accompanied by two other men.

Long Sihao was wearing a fitted silver Giorgio Armani silk dress shirt with a pair of white Calvin Klein casual pants. He wasn’t wearing a necktie and instead his first two buttons were unbuttoned. He looked elegant, sophisticated, classy, and charming; he was the most attractive of the three.

Almost every customer and even the servers turned their eyes to him.

“Young Master Long, I suggest that you should put a mask on when you come out next time. People, both women and men, love your face so much, you better watch out for your chastity.”

The one who spoke was a man who sat across from Long Sihao named Ling Hanye, the Young Master of the Ling Feng Enterprise. He had sculpted facial features and a pale white complexion; his nose was tall and made him look a bit Western. His slight smile and light brown eyes made him look hard to decode. He was dressed in a casual dark brown suit with a white Giorgio Armani dress shirt. Ling Hanye had a nice figure, he was the same height as Long Sihao, and had a mischievous vibe without losing his elegance and sophistication.

The man who sat next to Ling Hanye appeared to have a more slim figure compared to the other two. He had a smooth complexion and softer facial features; his short haircut just covered his forehead. His eyes were very clear and his lips were naturally peach pink. He looked educated and courtly in his Burberry casual suit and a Patek Philippe watch on his left wrist. He wasn’t short as his height was around 170, but he seemed less tall and more slim in front of Long Sihao and Ling Hanye who were around 188.

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