Chapter 36: Scumbag & Bitch

The man looked at Long Sihao and smiled elegantly. “Sihao, I agreed with Hanye. You should wear a mask to cover yourself. Those two ladies have been checking you out!”

Long Sihao squinted his eyes after hearing the man say this. He glanced around the restaurant and met Li Xiaoman’s gaze.

He widened his eyes in surprise; what a coincidence to meet her at this place.

Li Xiaoman’s heart began racing under his watchful eyes.

She quickly looked away and blushed.

“Manman, your face is so red! What happened? Is it… because of him?” Lin Momo lifted her eyebrows playfully and grinned at Li Xiaoman.

“I’m not!” Li Xiaoman touched her face and stared back at Lin Momo while trying to put on a straight face. “Knock it out! He’s my brother-in-law! Why would I blush from looking at him?”

“What? He’s your bro… brother-in-law?” Lin Momo looked at Li Xiaoman with her eyes widening in disbelief. “Manman, what is going on? How can he be your brother-law? Huo Yunxi’s brother? That scumbag?”

Li Xiaoman frowned slightly. “I don’t know much about the Huo Family. I only know that he went abroad a long time ago. I think Huo Yunxi and him share the same father but different…”

Li Xiaoman stopped before she could finish her sentence. She was shocked and looked at the two guests that were walking into the restaurant.

What were the odds? Huo Yunxi and Xia Lin came here for dinner, too.

“Manman, are you alright?” Lin Momo asked worriedly after Li Xiaoman suddenly became silent. She followed Li Xiaoman’s gaze and saw Huo Yunxi and Xia Lin cuddling while walking into the restaurant.

“What the f*ck! That scumbag crossed the line! Going out with that bitch in public? Just like that? Manman, I had enough of this bullshit! I’m gonna teach them a lesson!”

Lin Momo made to walk toward them.

Li Xiaoman grabbed her arm immediately and said calmly, “Momo, please don’t bother. They’re not worth it!”

Huo Yunxi walked past Li Xiaoman while she was talking. He stared at her furiously and then sat down with Xia Lin at their table.

Xia Lin dressed in a tight, sleek evening gown in red with an open back to show her glowing skin and sexiness. She had a smaller frame that gave an impression of vulnerability and aroused men’s natural desire to protect. The light makeup enhanced her fair skin nicely on her oval-shaped face, and her eyes revealed a sense of arrogance like a spoiled princess. She was undoubtedly beautiful but lacked the exquisite elegance of Li Xiaoman.

Huo Yunxi wore a pink shirt with a purple striped tie and a pair of handmade black pants, all from Cerruti. He stood at 185cm, tall and handsome, just like his brother Long Sihao. However, his thick eyebrows, sharp gaze, and cold eyes that always stared intensely gave him a tough appearance. Unlike Long Sihao’s warm, elegant, and aristocratic nobility, Huo Yunxi gave off an unreachable, egotistic, and merciless feel.

Huo Yunxi and Xia Lin sat right beside Li Xiaoman and Lin Momo.

As soon as they sat down, Xia Lin said without delay in her cute and pretentious voice, “Yunxi, let’s change our table. I don’t want to make Xiaoman uncomfortable.”

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