Chapter 37: The Cheater Has Her Way!

Lin Momo heard Xia Lin’s words and said in a hostile tone, “You know, some girls have that slutty look that says how much they love to fck around and steal other people’s husbands. You can’t’ blame them, cause their moms were probably w----s, too. Like mother, like daughter. They can’t close their legs. However, some guys love s---s. He can’t help himself, just like a male dog who runs across the street and risks being hit by a truck to fck that female dog. What a perfect slutty couple. Congratulations!”

Xia Lin was infuriated after she heard what Lin Momo said. Her face flushed with anger but she didn’t dare to say anything. If she fought back, then everyone in the restaurant would know that she was the homewrecker.

She wouldn’t humiliate herself in front of so many people.

“Yunxi…” She looked at Huo Yunxi with her watery eyes in dismay.

Huo Yunxi saw Xia Lin’s distressed look, and he frowned with fury. He stared at Li Xiaoman with rage in his eyes, sending her a silent warning.

Li Xiaoman received his warning and felt irritated, but she no longer felt that heartbreaking pain.

She was numb and had no more feelings for him.

Lin Momo suddenly covered her nose with her hands and looked at Li Xiaoman in disgust. “Oh my God! Do you smell that? The unmistakable odor of a slut’s p---y. Slut alert! I’m going to puke! Let’s change to another table!”

She grabbed Li Xiaoman, and they walked toward Long Sihao’s table.

Long Sihao looked at them with his deep and thoughtful gaze. He narrowed eyes and gazed at Li Xiaoman.

Li Xiaoman never thought that Lin Momo would take her to Long Sihao’s table.

Li Xiaoman’s heart was racing as she walked toward Long Sihao. The other two men at Long Sihao’s table were also looking at Xiaoman and Momo in surprise, which made Xiaoman feel even more embarrassed.

Lin Momo was much calmer. “Hey guys, do you mind if we sit with you?” Lin Momo raised her eyebrows and smiled merrily.

Ling Hanye grinned flirtatiously. “How can we say no to beautiful ladies?”

Lin Momo smiled at Ling Hanye and winked at Li Xiaoman. “Manman, go and sit there.”

Then she suddenly pushed Li Xiaoman, either intentionally or unintentionally.

“Ah…” Li Xiaoman lost her balance and fell into Long Sihao’s arms. They would have fallen to the floor if he didn’t hold on to the table to stop the momentum.

Ling Hanye gave them an evil smirk and smiled wickedly. “Sihao, I told you to wear a face mask! See? Now you’re trapped. She’s gonna eat you alive,” Ling Hanye jokingly said.

Li Xiaoman frowned from within Long Sihao’s arms; she could smell his unique aroma all over her.

Her hands were around his neck; she was holding him subconsciously after she fell over.

Long Sihao’s long arms were around Li Xiaoman’s slim waist.

However, they certainly looked like a passionate couple who were madly in love.

Huo Yunxi had witnessed everything, and his cold eyes widened with rage.

Li Xiaoman blushed furiously and lifted her eyes to meet Long Sihao’s deep and thoughtful gaze. She quickly lowered her eyes and said apologetically, “I’m… I’m so sorry!”

Ling Hanye teased them again, “Sihao, the beautiful lady threw herself at you with tremendous courage, shouldn’t you reward her bravery? Come on, kiss her!”

Lin Momo winked at Ling Hanye and followed alone. “Yes, kiss her! Kiss, kiss, kiss…”

Everyone in the restaurant heard their loud voices and looked over at them.

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