Chapter 4. Appeared, Charming Man

“No matter how much Huo Yunxi dislikes me or doesn’t want to see me, he wouldn’t have done this!” Li Xiaoman refused to believe that Huo Yunxi, who had once protected her, would be this cruel.

He had treated her coldly after they married, but aside from that, he had never actually hurt her in any way. How could this happen to her so suddenly?

She cried out loud in a hoarse voice, “You are all lying, he wouldn’t do this to me. He wouldn’t…”

She was on the verge of tears; her heart was aching badly even though she did not believe them.

Her heart was at the point of giving up.

Huo Yunxi was her husband, how was this even possible?

The three creepy men watched her as her tears ran down her face. As she shivered in disbelief, they said to her, “Mrs. Huo, there’s no need for us to lie. Think about it, you are Second Young Master Huo’s wife and Sir Huo’s granddaughter-in-law. If Mr. Huo didn’t give us the order, we wouldn’t have dared to touch you.”

They continued, “Think about where you were at before and where you are now. Was it not Huo Yunxi who you last saw before you fainted?”

Having heard this, Li Xiaoman understood the situation. She stopped struggling abruptly, and it seemed like the light had faded away from her eyes.

It felt like her soul was taken away at once.

The three creepy men saw that she had stopped struggling, so they shoved her with their hands a little.

“Mrs. Huo, we’ve heard that Mr. Huo has treated you coldly ever since you two got married. You must’ve been very lonely, eh? Don’t worry, the three of us will comfort and satisfy you today.”

The three smiled lustfully and looked at each other as they pounced on Li Xiaoman.

All of a sudden, rapid yet steady footsteps sounded in the corridor, and a tall man with an imposing presence approached them quickly.

“Let go of her,” a cold and taut voice sounded unexpectedly, stunning the three creepy men. Before they could turn their heads around, a strong hand lifted one of them by the neck and threw him out.

“Argh…” This creepy man groaned in pain as he fell hard onto the floor.

The man who threw the pervert onto the floor was Long Sihao, and he emanated a frightful presence as if he was Satan. It felt like even the temperature around him had lowered due to his presence.

His thin lips pressed tightly together, and his voice sounded as if it came from the Arctic, “I will send you to hell if you dare to touch her again.”

His cold gaze locked onto the other two as he snatched them away from Li Xiaoman.

The three creepy men groaned in pain after being thrown onto the floor.

Li Xiaoman regained her awareness from the groans. She looked over and saw the three creepy men rolling in pain with their faces beaten up.

Her stomach started to ache from the alcohol she had taken. She tried hard to suppress the urge to throw up as she lifted her hand to cover her mouth, but it was too late; she couldn’t help but throw up on ‘something.’

That ‘something’ was Long Sihao, who was bending down to help her stand up.

His expensive suit was now covered in vomit.

He looked at the stains briefly and continued to help Li Xiaoman stand up.

Meanwhile, a high-pitched scream sounded. The level of shock carried in the voice sounded as if someone had just seen some Dinosaurs from the Ice-age, or as if it was the Emperor’s robe that was covered in vomit instead of a suit.

“Oh! No! Boss, your handcrafted haute couture suit was from Giorgio Armani, and she ruined it with her vomit! This is too heartbreaking for me!”

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