Chapter 40. Kiss Me Again, Then I Won’t Be Angry

“There’s still ‘him’ at the table, isn’t he?” Lin Momo said and quickly hung up.

Li Xiaoman narrowed her eyes as she stared at her cellphone, and she doubted that Lin Momo really had something to do all of the sudden.

Her eyebrows pinched together as she hesitated if she should join Long Sihao at the table; it would be awkward to be alone with him.

She was still hesitating when Long Sihao paid the bill and left the restaurant.

“Hey… Uhm…” Li Xiaoman saw him leave and followed him out by instinct.

“Wait…” she called out and hurried towards him as he was about to get into his car.

Long Sihao’s eyes narrowed as he stared at her, and with his lips pressed tightly together, he spoke in an indifferent tone. “Yes?”

Li Xiaoman’s cheeks flushed and her long eyelashes trembled as she was still slightly panting from the jog; she looked even more adorable and attractive like this.

Long Sihao’s brooding eyes locked onto her face and his expression softened a little.

“I…” Li Xiaoman looked up at Long Sihao and she was just about to speak when she saw Huo Yunxi and Xia Lin walking out of the restaurant together.

She smiled instead and said, “I want you to drop me off home.”

Li Xiaoman then opened the door and sat on the passenger seat.

Long Sihao stared at her deeply for a moment before he got into the car and drove off.

On the way back, Long Sihao’s lips were pressed tightly together and didn’t speak a word; he let off a cold vibe around him.

Li Xiaoman sat quietly still on her seat as she felt the cold atmosphere in the car and only glanced at him occasionally.

Her eyebrows pinched together as he remained silent, wondering if he was still angry.

She narrowed her eyes and asked him, “Are you still angry?”

Long Sihao didn’t reply and continued driving. Just when Li Xiaoman thought that he wouldn’t give a reply, he suddenly stepped on the brakes and leaned towards her. “Do you care?”

His scent engulfed Li Xiaoman, making her breathing shallow. Puzzled, she looked at him and asked, “Care about what?”

Long Sihao leaned even closer until his nose was almost touching hers and asked in a deep voice, “Do you care if I’m angry or not?”

He was so close that Li Xiaoman could feel his warm breath tickling her face as he spoke, and that made her nervous.

Her long eyelashes trembled as she looked down. “It’s not about if I care or not. I used you back there and I should apologize…”

Li Xiaoman paused as she looked back at him and continued, “But you didn’t lose much. I kissed you; so we’re even now.”

Long Sihao’s eyes narrowed as his gaze locked onto Li Xiaoman, and his eyes brightened as if there were stars in them when he saw that she was blushing.

His fingers touched her lips softly, his breath became warmer and his voice sounded huskier and more enchanting. “If you kiss me again, then I won’t be angry.”

Li Xiaoman could feel the warmth of his fingertips on her lips as she stared into his brooding eyes. Her heart was beating faster and her breath paused for a moment, but then her logical reasoning returned as she rejected him. “No, I can’t. I’m married already and I’m technically your sister-in-law. So we shouldn’t be like this.”

She bit on her tongue as she finished speaking and looked up at him again. He still had an indifferent expression and his dark brooding eyes seemed more distant, making it hard for her to read his emotions.

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