Chapter 4: A Wild Kiss… Drives Her Crazy!

She frowned and wondered why she could never read him. He was like a mystery that could only be solved by putting her entire heart into it.

Long Sihao closed his lips tightly and kept his silence. He drove smoothly at a stable speed.

Finally, Li Xiaoman said quietly, “Mr. Huo…”

As soon as he heard her, he stepped on the brakes abruptly to stop the car. He squinted his eyes and said with a slight annoyance, “Did you call me?”

Li Xiaoman didn’t know why he stopped the car and was about to answer him with a nod, then without a warning, Long Sihao pulled her into his arms. Li Xiaoman was stunned and tried to say something, but Long Sihao’s kiss sealed her mouth.

“Hm…” Li Xiaoman was completely at a loss. “Why did he kiss me, all of a sudden?”

His kiss was intoxicating, vigorous, and wild. She could taste the distinctive sweetness from his mouth and hungered for more. It was addictive, ecstatic, and euphoric. She sank into this feeling and let go of any resistance.

His insistent tongue was parting her shaking lips, sending wild tremors along her nerves, electrifying the sensations she had never known she was capable of feeling. She clung to him softly as he was the only solid thing in this crazy world.

She felt the extraordinary warmth from his hands, and the heat seemed to bring her back to reality. She pushed him away hastily and blushed furiously. “You… How can you do this to me?”

She raised her soft hand and slapped him.

Of course, Long Sihao could easily duck it, but he just gazed at her and deliberately leaned forward to receive her slap.


A loud and clear sound echoed in the car.

Long Sihao’s beautiful face had a clear print of five fingers, and desire retreated from his eyes; his deep gaze grew darker, like a gaping abyss without a bottom.

Li Xiaoman’s hand was shaking, and she lowered her eyes and bit her lower lip lightly. “I don’t know why you did that… I know we had a one-night stand, but please, you’re Huo Yunxi’s brother, you shouldn’t do that to me… I don’t ever want it to happen again.”

She took a peek at Long Sihao. He looked stiff with a serious and unemotional expression; his face had become red and swollen because of the slap.

She frowned at his silence and decided to shut her mouth as well.

The car was deafening silent, and the atmosphere turned chilly.

Long Sihao stepped on the gas again and started to drive.

He reached Jade Garden Villa and then stopped the car.

She turned to Long Sihao, who kept his hands on the wheel, and said politely, “Thank you for the ride.”

She hurriedly opened the door and was about to get out when Long Sihao grabbed her slim wrist.

She was startled and turned around to look at his gloomy eyes. “Yes?”

Long Sihao stared at her coolly with an impenetrable gaze that was as deep as an ocean and said in a chilly voice, “My last name is Long, not Huo. Don’t ever come near me again, or else, you will be sorry!”

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