Chapter 42: B-----d Huo, You are Disgusting

When he finished talking, Long Sihao let go of Li Xiaoman’s hand.

The minute she stepped out of the car, Long Sihao stepped hard on the gas and sped away.

Li Xiaoman stood there and absentmindedly stared into the rapidly disappearing Rolls-Royce. Why is his family name Long and not Huo? He asked her not to accost him anymore, but when did she…

Um, it seemed like she did accost him today. Her delicate face turned rosy at this thought.

After Long Sihao drove out of the Jade Garden, he saw Huo Yunxi driving in the opposite direction at full speed.

They gazed at each other for a few brief seconds when they drove past, then hurriedly drove off in their own directions.

Long Sihao? Why is he here?

Huo Yunxi narrowed his icy cold eyes, his pale hands tightened on the steering wheel. He recalled the scene with Li Xiaoman at the restaurant, then anger began to fill his eyes.

His attitude towards this older half-brother had always been distant. Even though they say blood was thicker than water, they were basically strangers.

The rage in his heart made him step on the gas pedal harder and the car sped into the Jade Garden Villa Area.

And Li Xiaoman was standing right in front of the front gate of Jade Garden. His car just so happened to shoot towards her at a very high speed.

“Li Xiaoman…get out of my way…” Huo Yunxi saw Li Xiaoman mindlessly standing there and screamed at the top of his lungs. He clenched the steering wheel tightly, and just as he was about to hit her, he made a sharp turn.

“Ah…” When Li Xiaoman saw Huo Yunxi’s Bentley run straight at her, she had no chance to escape; even though it was a close call when Huo Yunxi managed to steer away from her at the last second and she was out of danger, she did get scratched by his car and fell to the ground; her knees and palms were scraped and bleeding.

Huo Yunxi got out of his car, his eyes bloodshot from fury, and scurried to her like a manic beast. He didn’t bother to check her wounds, but rather, raised his hands to her neck and started choking her. He screamed with wrath, “Li Xiaoman, go elsewhere if you wanna die. What? Do you wish to die under my car and have me thrown in jail, and live with this guilt for the rest of my life? Is that what you want?”

Li Xiaoman’s eyes teared up from the pain in her knees. Was this her husband? Not only was he oblivious to her wounds, instead, he was screaming at her and choking her?

Her heart plunged into a cold abyss.

She fought hard to stop the tears from coming out of her eyes and looked at him askance, “Don’t worry even if you killed me, Huo Yunxi. It would be karma and I’d deserve it. Men with your status don’t go to jail, do they? I don’t need you to feel guilty for me for the rest of your life. I wouldn’t rest in peace knowing that I still had a place in your heart.”

“You…” Huo Yunxi glared at her ferociously, “Li Xiaoman, what the hell do you mean? You…”

He paused suddenly, his fierce gaze fell onto her swollen lips. Obviously, they had been kissed passionately.

His eyes narrowed with rage; the fury on his face would make someone think he had just caught his wife cheating. At the thought that Long Sihao had come to the Jade Garden, he tightened his grasp around her neck and asked, “You slut, what did you do with Long Sihao? Did you let him f--k you? Did you?”

Li Xiaoman’s face turned red from being choked and the strong sensation of suffocating had her brows knitted.

She opened her eyes and stared up at him coldly, pausing after each word, “B-----d Huo, don’t be so disgusting.”

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