Chapter 43: So Close to Death

“I’m disgusting?” Huo Yunxi stared at Li Xiaoman fiercely with his bloodshot eyes. “You’re the b*tch sleeping with random men! Were you this desperate? Long Sihao’s my older brother! Were you aiming for his money when you slept with him? Can any men sleep you if they are rich enough?”

Huo Yunxi was choking her by the neck and his strength increased as he yelled.

Li Xiaoman’s fragile body was like an autumn leaf falling to the ground as he shook her by the neck. The feeling of suffocation grew even stronger, and this was the first time she felt so close to death.

Tears welled up in her eyes as her arms became listless and slowly dropped to her sides; at this moment she so regretted marrying Huo Yunxi, this b-----d.

It wasn’t old news that he had been in multiple affairs. How dare he even question her, accuse her, humiliate her, and trample on her dignity? He had never treated her as a human being, and now, who did he think he was to act this way towards her?

“So tell me… Can any men f--k you if they are rich enough?” Huo Yunxi’s hands tightened even more around her neck until the security guard at the Jade Garden spoke up.

“Mr. Huo, your wife will die of suffocation if you continue to choke her.”

The security guard’s warning brought Huo Yunxi back to his senses; he saw that Li Xiaoman’s eyes were already closed and that her face had turned burning red. A trace of panic flashed across his eyes and he let go of his hands immediately.

The feeling of suffocation disappeared but her neck was still hurting. Fresh air rushed into Li Xiaoman’s lungs through her nose and yet she coughed out loud in discomfort.

Tears rushed out from Li Xiaoman’s eyes as she coughed with difficulty. Having seen her like this, Huo Yunxi’s hand reached out to pat her on the back but paused as he realized he was not in the position to do so.

He stared at her until she slowly recovered and said in a less chilly voice, “I… I’m sor…”

Li Xiaoman cut off his apology coldly before he could finish, “Don’t… Don’t apologize, I… I don’t need it…”

Huo Yunxi’s eyebrows pinched together as he heard her hoarse voice from her sore throat.

Tears fell down from her eyes like raindrops and her look of despair made his heart ache a bit.

He reached out his hand to touch her face, but she turned her head away and avoided him.

Huo Yunxi was slightly stunned by her action and his hand paused in mid-air.

“Let’s… divorce,” Li Xiaoman said to him coldly without even looking at him.

She struggled up from the ground.

Just when she turned around and was about to leave, Huo Yunxi suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms. “Manman, I’m sorry,” he said to her in a rarely-heard soft voice.

Li Xiaoman held back her tears and struggled out of his arms; she walked away unsteadily without sparing him a glance.

Huo Yunxi suddenly felt as if he was about to lose something important as he watched her walk away so determinedly, and his heart ached inexplicably.

Just when he was about to go chase after Li Xiaoman, his phone rang and it was a phone call from Xia Lin.

He answered the phone but his gaze was focused in Li Xiaoman’s direction; he then spoke in an indifferent tone, “Yes?”

Xia Lin on the other end, was slightly stunned by his cold attitude, but then she immediately said in a weak voice, “Yunxi, I… I bumped my stomach by accident… and it’s… it’s hurting so much…”

Huo Yunxi’s brows pinched tightly together having heard Xia Lin’s painful sounding voice. He hesitated for a moment as he looked in Li Xiaoman’s direction, but then he drove away from the Jade Garden in his Bentley.

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