Chapter 44: Royal Banquet Pavilion – What an Expensive Meal!

Li Xiaoman got back to the mansion and walked up the stairs to the second floor, but she was too weak from the car accident and almost tripped. Luckily, Maid Lin was in the living room and steadied Xiaoman just in time.

“Young Madam, are you okay? You don’t look so well! Please, let me walk you upstairs”.

Li Xiaoman lowered her eyes and smiled at Maid Lin. “Thank you!”

With Maid Lin’s help, Li Xiaoman finally got back to her bedroom.

She took a nap and let her body rest. A while later, she took a shower in the bathroom.

Her hands and knees were scraped and bruised, and the redness and bloodstains were obvious on her pale skin. She finished showering and went straight to bed without treating her wounds.

She slept in a fetal position like a baby with a duvet covering her head. She thought about all the insults that Huo Yunxi said to her and started to weep.

She cried for a long time until she heard a knock on the door.

“Young Madam… Young Madam…”

She wiped her tears and pulled herself together, and then she walked to the door while enduring the pain from her knees. She opened the door and saw Maid Lin standing outside with a man who looked quite familiar.

The man was dressed in a colored-striped blue shirt with a pair of matching blue pants and was holding two bags in his hand. He was around 30, extremely handsome with a friendly smile.

He pointed his hand at Li Xiaoman with a raised pinky and said, “Hi! It’s good to see you again! You haven’t eaten anything, right? These bags are from my Boss. He let me deliver the food to you, still hot and delicious! Isn’t he sweet? Enjoy it!”

He finished talking and invited himself to the kitchen to drop the bags. “Okay, that’s it. Bye!”

He smiled and left the room.

Somehow, looking at the man’s back, she found him familiar but couldn’t remember where they had met.

How did his boss know that I haven’t eaten anything today? Who is he? Do I know him?

She looked at Maid Lin confusedly. “Maid Lin, do you know that guy?”

Maid Lin looked at Xiaoman doubtfully. “Young Madam does not know that gentleman? He said he was a close friend of yours and was worried that you hadn’t eaten all day! So that’s why he brought you some food!”

“I see.” Li Xiaoman went back to her room.

She looked at the bags in the kitchen and saw the label on them “Royal Banquet Pavilion.”

Royal Banquet Pavilion was the best fusion restaurant in the city with the highest rating of 8 Stars. The restaurant was so incredible and extraordinary that it only hired chefs with a National Speciality Consult Certificate. It was indeed a VIP restaurant that only served the elite. It had reservations for 100 people maximum per day and required advanced booking for up to 2 months. It never served guests without reservations and did not allow takeaway food. Then how did the Boss get food for her?

Li Xiaoman opened the bags and was surprised to see glass containers which would have cost at least 1,000 yuan on top of all the expensive dishes. This was truly a royal treatment and obviously cost a lot of money. Who was this Boss?

She removed the lids and immediately smelled the mouth-watering aroma. She was amazed to find four of her favorite dishes in them. The food piqued her appetite and she enjoyed it in gusto.

As she ate, a smile entered her eyes. Royal Banquet absolutely deserved its reputation.

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