Chapter 45: Shocking! So Shocking!

Li Xiaoman was confused at the same time as she enjoyed her meal, Who was this man? Not only did he have the expensive meal delivered to her, but he also knew her favorite dishes.

Subconsciously, Li Xiaoman felt that she definitely knew this person, but she just couldn’t guess who he was.

Once she had finished her meal, she went to bed; even Huo Yunxi couldn’t affect her good mood.

The more of a b-----d he was to her, the stronger her determination was to divorce him.

Li Xiaoman finally had a good night of sleep without any dreams.

She woke up early the next morning and put on a tight-fitting beige white dress suit for her first day in the company and her long wavy hair was pulled up into a ponytail.

Li Xiaoman rode the subway to her new workplace at the Jewelry company; she felt excited and a smile appeared on her face as she looked up at the magnificent building in front of her.

She felt a unique emotion as this was her first real career and it felt as if she had reached a new level in her life.

Her dream was to become a chief jewelry designer and she hoped that this would be the place where she would achieve it.

Enthusiastically, Li Xiaoman stepped into the building.

It was rush hour in the morning, and there were lines for almost every elevator.

Li Xiaoman stood at the very end of a line and found it was almost 8 AM when she looked at her cellphone; she didn’t want to be late on her first day of work.

The elevators near her were all surrounded by people, so she glanced around and saw that an elevator to her right had only two tall men waiting.

One of them entered the elevator while the other bowed his head respectfully.

“Wait…” Li Xiaoman hurried into that elevator before the door closed. She didn’t realize that everyone else outside the elevator was staring at her in shock.

They only recovered from the shock when the elevator door closed completely.

Who… Who was that girl? Who gave her the audacity to ride in CEO Long’s exclusive elevator!?

While inside the elevator, Li Xiaoman failed to stop her momentum and bumped against a broad chest.

A familiar scent entered her nose and her eyebrows pinched slightly together in confusion. She rubbed her nose to relieve the pain and realized that she had thrown herself into the arms of a man.

Ugh! Her face flushed red instantly as she took a step back to look up and saw Long Sihao’s breathtakingly handsome face.

“Ah… You…” She froze as her eyes widened in shock.

Shocked! She was so shocked.

The planet must have shrunk, or else why did she see him again?

Or they were rivals in their past life and that was why they were bound to meet so constantly.

It took a while for Li Xiaoman to recover from the shock but the after effects made her forget what happened between them last night. “Why are you here? What are you doing here?” she asked in shock.

A trace of surprise flashed across Long Sihao’s brooding eyes when he saw Li Xiaoman;  but he soon returned to normal and his lips pressed together as he answered her in a deep voice, “I’m taking the elevator.”

Ugh! Li Xiaoman’s lips twitched slightly from his dry sense of humor.

She was confused as her eyes narrowed slightly and she asked him, “Do you work here? You’re also an employee here?”

Long Sihao was Huo Yunxi’s older brother, so he shouldn’t just be a regular employee. Could he be the manager? Or even a department director?

Long Sihao didn’t reply and looked at Li Xiaoman from head to toe. Her beige white slim suit accentuated her body’s curves; her long sweeping eyelashes covered her eyes like a folding fan; her eyes glistened like crystal clear fountains; and her naturally pink lips looked tempting as usual. Li Xiaoman was like a white lily, she was pure, clean, refreshing, beautiful, and charming.

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