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A Marriage in Mistake: Sir, Please Control Yourself Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Rumors in the Company

Suddenly, Long Sihao’s gaze fell upon her slim neck and a trace of rage flashed across his brooding eyes as he saw the unusual redness that seemed like stranglemarks around her neck.

“What happened to your neck?” he asked in a deep voice with a trace of anger that was hard to detect.

Having heard him, Li Xiaoman remembered that Huo Yunxi choked her last night and she quickly covered her neck out of reflex. “Nothing,” she replied as her gaze turned cold and her hand clenched into a fist at her side, as she tried to calm down.

Long Sihao’s gaze became gloomy and his expression hardened having heard Li Xiaoman’s reply; he let out a cold aura and asked in a low deep voice, “You’re covering for him?”

It was as if the temperature in the elevator had dropped because of his words.

Li Xiaoman was puzzled by the coldness in his tone, but then she recalled that he had told her to not come near him again. So she replied to him in an indifferent tone, “I wasn’t covering for anyone. Just making it clear, today’s my first day working here and I had no idea that you also work here. I didn’t mean to come near you again and I’ll try to stay away from you next time.”

The elevator door opened just when she finished and so she hurried out of the elevator.

She only realized that it was the 30th floor when she stepped out.

Ugh… Li Xiaoman felt embarrassed because she had forgotten to press the elevator button.

The Jewelry Design department was probably on the 10th floor.

Hearing the steady footsteps behind her, she turned around and saw Long Sihao walking out of the elevator. He passed her without giving her a glance at all.

She narrowed her eyes as she stared at his back for a while before she returned to the elevator and got down to the 10th floor.

Just when she got to the Design Department, she saw Lin Momo.

“Manman, you’re late. I thought you overslept today.”

“That’s not possible.” Li Xiaoman said to her raising her eyebrows as they walked into the office together.

Their seats were close together, and Li Xiaoman could hear other people talking about her just as she sat down.

“Wasn’t she the woman who had the audacity to jump into the CEO’s exclusive elevator?”

“Ya, It looks like her; she tried to seduce our CEO on her first day…”

“Maybe she has a special relationship with the CEO?”

“Could she be having an affair with the CEO?”

“No way! It’s said the CEO always stayed away from women. I heard that his previous secretary disappeared from the company because she stared at him for too long.”

“Maybe the CEO dislikes women!”

“Our CEO is a god-like man and maybe we mortal women just can’t meet his standards…”


Li Xiaoman couldn’t hear very clearly because they all spoke quietly, but she did catch a few words, like ‘seducing’, ‘affair’, and ‘special relationship’.

Her eyes narrowed in confusion, wondering why they targeted her.

It was her first day at work, but she had a bad start.

It was time to get off work when a handsome man in a blue dress shirt walked into the Design Department, the same one who delivered dinner to Li Xiaoman last night.

It was Lorry, Long Sihao’s executive assistant.

“Lorry, what brings you here? Are there any special orders from the CEO? Our department is honored by your presence! Lor…” The department head, Yang Zhengfeng, smiled broadly as he approached Lorry, trying his best to please him.

Lorry raised his eyebrows as he ignored Yang and walked straight in Li Xiaoman’s direction. He patted on her shoulder and smiled. “Hi, we meet again. Follow me to the CEO’s office.”

Li Xiaoman was startled by the pat on her shoulder. She turned around and recognized him immediately. “It’s you,” she said in surprise. “Are you also working here?”

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