Chapter 47: OH MY GOD! It’s him! He Is the Boss!

Lorry raised his eyebrows and smiled at Li Xiaoman. He came closer to her and said in a quiet voice, “I’m so glad that you still remember me! Now, come with me to the CEO’s office.”

“The CEO’s office? Why?” Li Xiaoman asked and stared at him in bewilderment.

“Did I piss off the CEO? Oh no… that’s too bad…what did I do?”

Lorry squinted his eyes and came even closer to her to speak quietly, “Miss Li, you only have 5 minutes. If you are not in the CEO’s office by the sixth minute, he will kindly ask the security to escort you out!”

Li Xiaoman squinted her eyes irritatedly and lapsed into a sulky silence. “Who the heck is this CEO? Trying to threaten me? Okay, I”ll go and check out what kind of person he is! But then again… what exactly did I do?”

She stood up and followed Lorry’s lead to step out of the office while all the co-workers were astonished and speechless toward the whole situation.

As soon as she left, everyone resumed their gossip.

“They look like a couple! Are they dating?”

“Who knows! Maybe she’s Lorry’s mistress.”

“Didn’t you say she’s the CEO’s girlfriend?”

“No way! The CEO has never been seen with women. She must be with Lorry.”

  • The CEO Office –

  • 30th Floor –

“Miss Li, please go in!” Lorry raised his eyebrow and smiled at Li Xiaoman. He opened the door and motioned for her to step inside the office.

Li Xiaoman nodded at Lorry politely and walked into the office by herself.

She was in awe without delay when she saw the place.

It was not only luxurious but also gigantic and enormous, with an area of approximately 10,000 square feet. It even had a gym, a changing room, and a lounge.

You could enjoy a panoramic view of the city from the floor to ceiling windows. The genuine leather sofa in a cigar-brown color was placed on a maple hardwood floor along with the custom-made, handcrafted coffee table with a gorgeous hand-woven Persian carpet underneath it. The ceiling was carved with a floral pattern and the purple chandelier hanging from it gave off a mystical air.

This office was extravagant, lavish, comfortable, and spacious.

Li Xiaoman froze with this overwhelming view and did not notice the handsome man who sat behind a rosewood office desk and was looking at her. “Come here…”

Li Xiaoman turned around after hearing the man’s voice and was surprised to see Long Sihao sitting there. She squinted her eyes and quickly concluded. “You are… “

“…the CEO?”

Long Sihao stood up from the deluxe ebony leather chair and walked gracefully in front of Li Xiaoman. He bent down slightly so that his tall body wouldn’t be so intimidating. He squinted his eyes and said in a low voice with his pretty thin lips, “Yes. I work here.”

Li Xiaoman remembered her conversation with him in the elevator this morning and how she had mistaken him for an employee. She blushed in embarrassment.

“He is the CEO, and I thought he was a regular employee, but then… the elevator… Oh no, that must be a private elevator!”

The more she realized what she had done, the more she felt embarrassed and wanted to dig a hole and hide in it.

This was only her first day at work, and she had already made such a big mistake. No wonder everyone was talking behind her back in the office; they must think she was an idiot.

“So what does he want? Why am I here? Is he going to fire me?”

“Wait a minute… He is the CEO, then… last night… the man who brought me the food… his Boss sent him… OH MY GOD! It’s him! He is the Boss.”

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