Chapter 48: Teasing, Anything I Want?

“Why is he so nice to me? Just because I’m his sister-in-law?”

Li Xiaoman’s puzzled face was full of emotions from her thoughts; she was confused, embarrassed, surprised, and then confused again…

Long Sihao’s mysterious gaze and dark eyes stared at her pretty face fixedly as if he was appreciating art and was enjoying this feeling. He smiled and was pleased with what he saw.

“You…” Li Xiaoman snapped out of her thoughts and raised her head to face Long Sihao, and he quickly put on his usual cold face.

She was taken aback by his sudden change of expression; she was sure that she had glimpsed a completely different side of him just a second ago. He had looked warm, loving, and affectionate.

As far as she could recall, it was her first time to see him smile, and it was sweet and lovely.

However, it was gone like a mirage.

She raised her eyes toward him again and spoke in a businesslike tone, “Sir, how can I help you?”

Long Sihao sensed this business formality and his eyes grew darker while his lips closed tightly. “An urgent matter!”

“What is the… “ Before Li Xiaoman could finish her sentence, Long Sihao had already grabbed her hand and led her into the lounge.

He shut the door behind them; she saw a big bed in the lounge room and became wary. She squinted her eyes and stepped back to stare at Long Sihao. “What… What are you doing?”

Long Sihao walked toward her as she crossed her arms before her chest warily, and he leaned toward her ear and said in a deep voice, “We can do anything you want…” he said in a low voice.

“What? Shame on you!” Shocked, she  raised her hand to slap him, but he caught her wrist effortlessly.

Li Xiaoman struggled but was overpowered by him; she stared at him furiously. “Let me go! I thought you were a gentleman. Oh my god, you’re just a sick prick, perverted molester, and dickhead.”

This sudden verbal attack amused Long Sihao. Nobody had ever called him names like this in his life, and he would never have imagined that he would be yelled at and berated by this little lady with an innocent and fragile look.

Long Sihao squinted his eyes and looked at her without any trace of anger. He said in a low voice, “I didn’t finish my sentence. We can do anything you want, except…”

He paused for a second to look at her flushed and angry face. He had a slight grin that gave off a perplexing feeling, and he said, “Anything you want… except for that thing…”

… Li Xiaoman made a complete fool of herself… She had acted like a clown!

She blushed awfully. Am I the only one who was thinking about that?

But the way he acted and the words he said, come on, everyone would think that way! Or, was he teasing me?

Well, it doesn’t matter now! But this guy is not what he looks like, a shy introvert. No… he’s definitely a wolf disguised as a man!”

“Come here for a second.” Long Sihao took her hand and sat on the sofa in the lounge. He knew how embarrassed she felt and gave her an understanding smile. He took out the towel, rubbing alcohol, pads. and other First-Aid kit items that he had prepared for her.

He sat beside her and warmed up her neck with the hot towel and reapplied it every five minutes again and again.

He was remarkably gentle, attentive, and thoroughly focusing on the choking mark on her neck.

They came closer and closer and once again, their breathing synchronized with each other.

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