Chapter 49: His Gentle Kindness Touched Her Heart

Li Xiaoman looked at Long Sihao closely and could smell his fresh and pure breath that was clean and mint-flavored. They were within reach of each other, and she didn’t dare to move.

Long Sihao lowered his eyes slightly as he kept taking care of her neck. His long eyelashes looked like a beautiful curtain on his pale skin.

She kept her eyes on him and was still surprised by his actions. She would never think that Long Sihao would call her to his office so that he could treat her wounds. Why is he so nice to me? What does he want from me?

She wouldn’t be so full of herself and foolishly assumed that his actions were out of love and affection. He is the CEO of this company, handsome and charming, a prince of every girl’s dream. I’m just a housewife, even if I become single again, he would never fell for me. Besides, I will be his ex-sister-in-law…

However, Huo Yunxi had neglected her for such a long time, and now under Long Sihao’s gentle and kind care, of course, she would feel touched and perhaps even fall for him.

Long Sihao seemed to be aware of her gaze, and he raised his eyes to look at her. His deep and dark eyes somehow lighted up with a sparkle of vitality, and he continued to massage her neck with the hot towel at a slower pace and softer strength.

She felt timid under his gaze and tried to break this uncomfortable silence. “Okay, Sir, I think I should go back to work. Thank you very much.”

Long Sihao glanced at her coolly and stopped his rubbing, and then he lifted her thin and sexy legs…

Li Xiaoman was startled by his action and squinted her eyes to look at him. “What are you doing?”

Long Sihao still maintained his unemotional gaze and put her legs on top of his legs.

Li Xiaoman frowned with her squinting eye and was puzzled by his move.

She tried to remain calm because she didn’t want to guess his motive and make a fool of herself again.

Long Sihao took out pads and used rubbing alcohol to treat the wounds on her knees. She was dumbfounded and overwhelmed by his thoughtful observation and gracious care. In comparison with Huo Yunxi, Long Sihao was compassionate and respectful.

Long Sihao carefully sterilized her wound and then squeezed ointment onto his long finger.

He applied the ointment delicately on her knees, the warmth of his hand and the coolness of the cream together gave her an invigorating sensation as if she was shocked by static electricity.

She tensed up and waited for him to finish, and then she put her legs down to stand up. She deliberately kept some distance and said courteously without daring to look at him in the eyes, “Sir, thank you so much. I should get back to work.”

She finished her sentence and turned around hurriedly to walk to the door. She knew that if she stayed just a bit longer, she wouldn’t be able to resist his charm and kindness.

Long Sihao watched her running to the door, and he lowered his gaze as his eyes darkened. He closed his lips tightly and roared deeply, “Li Xiaoman…”

Li Xiaoman stopped and turned around to face him without maintaining any eye contact. She stood up with a straight back and said politely, “Yes Sir, is there anything else I can do for you?”

Long Sihao strode across the room and stood right in front of her to push her against the door. He lifted her chin gently with his long finger to make her look at him in the eyes. “Why are you acting like this?”

Li Xiaoman looked at him in the eyes and gave an insincere smile. “Sir, do you think I acted inappropriately?”

Long Sihao squinted his eyes and stared at her fake smile. His eyes deepened, his lips closed up tightly, and he let go of her chin to say unemotionally, “You may go now.”

Li Xiaoman nodded and turned around to leave the room. As soon as she got out of the CEO’s office, she saw Lorry walking toward her with two bags in his hands.

She took a quick peek and saw the label “Royal Banquet Pavilion.”

Lorry smiled at her cheerfully with his eyes squinting to a crescent-shape. “Miss Li, where are you going? It’s lunchtime. Come and have lunch the Boss.”

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