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A Marriage in Mistake: Sir, Please Control Yourself Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Handsome Man

The man who screamed at her was in his twenties. He pointed at Li Xiaoman with a raised pinky finger and said, “You… Who the heck do you think you are? Our Boss saved you personally, and you… How dare you ruin his suit… You… You’re not even worth a hundredth of the price of a button on the suit… You…”

He pointed at Li Xiaoman and wanted to continue, but Long Sihao stared at him coldly and said, “Shut up!”

Long Sihao’s tone was light, but it somehow carried austerity and authority effortlessly.

Stunned, the man covered his mouth immediately. Not a single additional word left his mouth.

Long Sihao gazed down at Li Xiaoman with a deep and complex look and picked her up around the waist. He walked toward the VIP elevator across the hallway and reached the Presidential Suite.

Shortly after they left, a young man led a group of reporters into the hotel.

The young man was Lei Yang, and he was the guy who had talked on the phone with Huo Yunxi. He was shocked and confused after seeing that the hallway was empty.

“Mr. Lei, didn’t you say that Mrs. Huo was having an affair with someone else in the hallway? Where are they?”

“Yes, where are they? There is no one here. Where is Mrs. Huo?”

“Did you see the wrong person?”

Hearing all these questions, Lei Yang hid his confusion and directly rushed into the room where Li Xiaoman was staying but found nobody there.

“Mr. Lei, are you pulling a publicity stunt?”

Lei Yang had no time to explain to the reporters, and he rushed out of Li Xiaoman’s room anxiously.

  • In the Presidential Suite –

Li Xiaoman looked at the strange man who had put her on the bed; she was still suffering from the unbearable heat all over her body.

This man had a flawless face that could take one’s breath away, and his dark and thick eyebrows gave off a domineering feeling. His perfect facial features were mesmerizing, and he had deep and mysterious eyes that could take away one’s soul with a simple gaze. His tightly pressed sexy lips were in a glowing color of cherry blossoms.

His black suit hugged perfectly his tall figure.

He looked aristocratic like a modern-day king. His face was always emotionless, and yet, it gave a strong sense of authority and undeniable power.

His good looks were like an impressionist painting; one might not appreciate his beauty in one or two minutes. However, people would sink into it if they gazed at it for a little longer.

Li Xiaoman was already drunk, and with the drugs inside her body, she slowly lost control of her mind. The longer she stared at this handsome man in front of her, the more unbearable the thirst in her dry mouth felt.

She had never seen such a graceful man, but for some reason, she felt a sense of security when she was with him.

This feeling of security washed away the last bit of her rationale.

“Hot… I’m… I’m so hot and… it’s painful…”

She shifted her body subconsciously and removed the duvet covering her smooth, white shoulders. Long Sihao looked at this bewitching view with deep, cold eyes.

He lowered his gaze and stared at her intensely.

Li Xiaoman twisted her body and touched herself unintentionally as if she were seducing Long Sihao.

Li Xiaoman sat up and threw her delicate arms around his neck. She leaned on his muscular chest and caressed it with her head, as if this would reduce the heat inside her body.

Long Sihao gazed at this woman in his arms, and his body tensed up uncontrollably. He swallowed, causing his Adam’s apple to move up and down.

He quickly felt the tightness of his grey tie and loosened it; it was an appealing gesture that carried a hint of temptation.

As soon as he loosened up his tie, Li Xiaoman couldn’t help but stare at his neck. Under the influence of the drugs, she kissed his sexy neck with her crimson lips and whispered, “Hot… You feel so good… so comfortable…”

She kissed and caressed his Adam’s apple with her lips over and over again.

Long Sihao bent his long torso and lowered his gaze slightly. He looked at her with an unsettled feeling.

He looked at her face attentively and saw the abnormal blush on her cheeks. He frowned and said with a deep and charming voice, “Did someone drug you?”

“What?” Xiaoman raised her head and looked at him confusedly, as if she didn’t understand his words. Her soft gaze was glued to his lips.

His sexy lips were tempting her.

She held his neck tightly, and her crimson lips slowly moved toward his lips.

They felt each other’s breath, feeling as if they were on fire.

Long Sihao breathed heavily as Li Xiaoman moved closer; their lips were almost touching. He looked at her with his deep gaze and asked with a deep and clear voice, “Do you know who I am before you kiss me?”

Li Xiaoman shook her head and looked at him in bewilderment before proceeding to kiss him. Suddenly, Lorry, the man who stood behind Long Sihao, burst out, “Oh My God! Miss, has anyone taught you about basic hygiene? You should always brush your teeth before you kiss someone. Besides, you were vomiting everywhere! Your mouth must be…”

Lorry paused and looked at Long Sihao who was looking at him coldly. “Boss, I’m so sorry, I should have kept my mouth shut. I’ll get out right away. It’s just… the lady threw up, don’t you think it’s kind of…:”

He looked as if his stomach was turning upside down.


At this simple command, Lorry ran away abruptly.

“What happened to the Boss today? He’s always obsessed with cleanliness, but he isn’t disgusted by that woman. Who is she? Who the hell is she?” Lorry wondered.

After Lorry left, Long Sihao picked up Li Xiaoman and walked toward the grand restroom in this lavish suite.

He filled up the bathtub with water and gently lowered Li Xiaoman into it. Then, he removed his dirty suit and white shirt.

When he was about to take a shower, he froze suddenly. Li Xiaoman’s beautiful arms had found their way around his slim waist.

His face remained stony, his black eyes squinted, and his gaze was soft and deep.

Li Xiaoman was still under the influence of the drug. After she drank some water accidentally from the bathtub, she had climbed out and was now hugging Long Sihao from behind.

She buried her face into his chiseled back and caressed his smooth skin. Somehow, it helped her ease the discomfort.

Long Sihao’s back stiffened, and his eyes narrowed dangerously. His sexy lips opened as he said with a quiet voice full of authority, “Let go! Or else, you’ll regret it.”

He was always proud of his self-control. But now, it seemed to be collapsing.

Li Xiaoman only knew that holding him made her feel so much better.

She shook her head like a willful child. “No… I’m not gonna let go… Let me hug you… I feel so much better…”

She held him even tighter, and her soft lips touched and kissed his back as her hands fondled his muscular chest.

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