Chapter 50: The Good Samaritan Has a Hidden Agenda

Li Xiaoman furrowed her brows and then said with a smile, “That’s okay, I am not hungry.  Besides, I’m not really supposed to eat in the boss’s office.”

She then headed directly into the elevator and pressed the tenth floor.

As soon as Li Xiaoman got back to the design department, Lin Momo dragged her off to the staff restaurant for lunch, all the while badgering her about what had happened.

She reluctantly gave her a quick rundown.

After listening, Lin Momo looked at her coyly and said, “Manman, do you realize that you are a magnet for hotties?”

Li Xiaoman glared at her. “Eat your lunch! Be serious, yesterday at the restaurant, did you leave on purpose?”

Lin Momo squinted her eyes at her. “Sweetie, I was just trying to give you and the hottie a chance to be alone.”

“I said be serious! That’s Huo Yunxi’s big brother…”

Lin Momo interrupted her, “Don’t mention that scumbag, I’m trying to eat.”

Li Xiaoman knew that it was what happened between her and Huo Yunxi that made Lin Momo dislike him so much – even more that Lin Xiaoman herself – so she smiled at her and did not say another word.


In the afternoon, Li Xiaoman was so focused on her work that when it was time to go home, she didn’t even notice.

Seeing that she was still working away, Lin Momo gave her a playful shove. “Manman, it’s only your first day of work and you’re already driving yourself this hard. Do you want our Big Boss Long to give you a bonus?”

She leaned in and whispered the last part.

Li Xiaoman’s eyes narrowed and she shot her a look. “Don’t mention him.”

She then turned off the computer and packed up her things before leaving the office with Lin Momo.

After leaving their office building and parting ways with Lin Momo, she was getting ready to take the subway when a silver Maybach stopped in front of her.

The car door opened; Lorry, wearing a blue shirt with three crystal buttons undone and blue Christian Dior glasses, got out of the car.

He leaned against the car, took off his glasses with one hand, and smiled at Li Xiaoman’s gorgeous face. “Miss Li, get in. I will take you home.”

Li Xiaoman raised her eyebrows with a charming and polite smile. “Thank you! It’s fine though, I’m going to take the subway.”

Li Xiaoman had only taken two steps when Lorry stepped in front of her. He said with a smile, “Miss Li, it’s on the way in any case. I also live in Jade Garden.”

Upon hearing this, Li Xiaoman’s eyebrows darted upwards in surprise and confusion. She asked, “You also live in Jade Garden?”

Lorry looked at Li Xiaoman and nodded very seriously. He said with a smile, “I have always lived in Jade Garden. We are neighbors, Miss Li. Now that you are working at the office, we are now colleagues as well. As your colleague, I will take you home. What are you afraid of? If you do not let me accompany you, I will have no choice but to follow you.”

She looked at Lorry inquisitively; this Good Samaritan must have a hidden agenda.

They were not well-acquainted, so why should he take her home?

Lorry saw the question in Li Xiaoman’s stare. He smiled apologetically. “Miss Li, I really am just offering you a ride home as your colleague, nothing more. Please don’t read too much into my intentions. I’m not trying to take advantage of you, I just like helping people.”

Hearing this, Li Xiaoman’s lips twitched. Judging by his demeanour, he was determined to take her back to Jade Garden.

“Miss Li, please get in the car.” Lorry opened the door for her like a gentleman and smiled at her. “Miss Li, people are watching us! If you don’t get in, it will be a huge embarrassment for me. Please just do me a favor and get in the car.”

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