Chapter 52: I’ll Give You 300,000 yuan in Three Days

Seeing her uncle like this, Li Xiaoman’s dainty brows drew to a frown and she asked worriedly, “What’s wrong, Uncle?”

Li Zhenhua grinned with a masked smile, stood up, and looked at Li Xiaoman, “Manman, I have to go now. There are things you don’t have to know, or else they’ll only trouble you.”

Li Xiaoman saw Li Zhenhua getting ready to leave, so she inquired anxiously, “What exactly happened, Uncle? I’ll be worried if you don’t tell me.”

Li Zhenhua stopped and looked at her hesitantly, almost exasperatedly, “Manman, your cousin got into a fight with someone and beat them up really bad. That guy ended up with a broken leg, but because he’s rich and powerful, he wants your cousin to serve time. I begged and begged for so long, so eventually they agreed they won’t take legal action if we give them three hundred thousand. Manman, how and where am I supposed to get three hundred thousand?”

“Cousin Wenbo broke someone’s leg?” Li Xiaoman’s eyes widened in shock after hearing what happened. Her impression of her cousin, who was three years her senior, had always been gentle, meek, docile, polite, and never a troublemaker. Why was he so impulsive this time that he actually broke someone’s leg?

Her frown deepened as she lifted her eyes to Li Zhenhua, “Uncle, was there any misunderstanding? I don’t believe Cousin Wenbo was so reckless! Why would he ever get into a fight with someone?”

Li Zhenhua’s face turned gloomy. He uttered angrily, “Why would I lie to you, Manman? Oh I know, you’re afraid that I’d borrow money from you, right? The worst that could happen if we don’t give them the three hundred thousand is your cousin spending the rest of his life behind bars, and there will be no one at my memorial service when I die. If your conscience thinks that is all right, just stay out of it.”

Realizing that Li Zhenhua was angry, Li Xiaoman quickly explained, “Uncle, I’m not afraid to lend you some money. You’re family, how can I allow myself to leave you in jeopardy?”

Li Zhenhua’s eyes glowed when he heard the words coming from her mouth and he changed his attitude drastically. He said to her very nicely, “Manman, are you saying you are willing to lend me the money? You’re the wife of the Second Young Master Huo, so you can easily give me three hundred thousand!”

Li Xiaoman lowered her gaze. Yes, Huo Yunxi and her are married, but Huo Yunxi had never given her any money. Most of her income is from Taobao, but she always gave half of her earnings to her mother every month. The money that she had saved was nowhere close to three hundred thousand!

As the young mistress of the Huo house, she was very poor.

However, her uncle and cousin were her family. She could never stand by and do nothing.

Her eyes lifted to Li Zhenhua, smiling. “Don’t worry, Uncle, I can get the three hundred thousand. However, I’m going to need a few days.”

Li Zhenhua stared at her in a weird way, “Manman, you’re married into the Huo family, do you really need time to collect the money? Or are you just delaying the time on purpose?”

Li Xiaoman’s eyes pierced into Li Zhenhua, and she then confidently stated, “Uncle…I’m not trying to procrastinate. Just give me three days. I guarantee I will give you three hundred thousand after three days.”

Now that Li Xiaoman had set a deadline, Li Zhenhua decided that there was nothing else left to say. He laughed, “Ah, Manman, then I’ll wait for the good news. I’ll be back after three days. Anyway, I’m heading home now.”

As soon as he finished talking, Li Zhenhua headed out to the hallway entrance gleefully. Just then, Huo Yunxi entered the hall.

“Yunxi, you’re home!” Li Zhenhua greeted him with a smile.

Huo Yunxi’s cold eyes glanced at Li Xiaoman, as he nonchalantly nodded his head at Li Zhenhua’s comments, then sat down in the hall without a word.

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