Chapter 53: You Are So Disgusting

Li Zhenhua realized the situation had made him feel a tad awkward. He looked at Li Xiaoman and said with a smile, “Uncle’s leaving now, Manman. No need to see me out.”

After Li Xiaoman watched Li Zhenhua walk away, she turned and saw Huo Yunxi standing behind her.

She acted like she didn’t see him and proceeded to walk past him. As she prepared to leave, his cold voice came up, “I would like to know where exactly are you going to get three hundred thousand.”

He did not like it when she looked at him with such apathy. Her alienation ignited his appetency of conquest. If she was trying to play the cat-and-mouse game, then congratulations, she won.

Li Xiaoman frowned a little, in disbelief that he had heard her conversation with her uncle.

The corners of her mouth tilted upwards as she ignored him. However, when she started to leave, Huo Yunxi grabbed her at her slender wrist.

Li Xiaoman struggled, but her efforts were futile. She stared up at him bitterly. “Let go of me…”

Huo Yunxi carefully studied her delicate, emotionless face. She used to be such a good girl who treated him with courtesy and respect, and he used to be able to see her love for him in her eyes. But now, all he could see was scorn and indifference.

Not only did he not let her go, instead, he dragged her into his arms with one hard pull.

Li Xiaoman was shocked and tried to push him away. His voice coming to her ear was now much gentler.

“Li Xiaoman, perhaps I could give you three hundred thousand if you behave well.”

Li Xiaoman’s pretty eyes narrowed as she heard these words and stared at him as if she was looking at a monster. “Huo Yunxi, did you forget to take your meds today? Are you generous enough to give me three hundred thousand? So tell me, how am I supposed to behave?”

Huo Yunxi ignored the first half of her comment, his eyes fixed on her dainty face and his long finger hooked her chin. “If you beg me, or…”

His voice lowered, his cold gaze tinged with sensuality, as his long fingers traced along her exquisite jawline to her neck and kept going down…

Li Xiaoman saw the flickering desire in Huo Yunxi’s eyes, she squinted her eyes and pushed him away when he wasn’t paying attention. She looked at him askance.“Huo Yunxi, you are so disgusting.”

What kind of girl did he take her for?

Huo Yunxi’s eyes narrowed in rage, “Li Xiaoman, stop being so ungrateful. Where the heck are you going to get the three hundred thousands if you don’t beg me for it?”

Li Xiaoman curled her lips. “Where I get the money is my business and not the concern of an outsider.”

“Outsider?” Huo Yunxi’s ice-cold eyes closed in on her. He didn’t spend time with Xia Lin today just so he could come back as soon as possible. Yet, she called him an outsider.

He leaned forward and stared at her in fury.  “Li Xiaoman, I am your husband.”

Li Xiaoman lifted her brow and almost wanted to laugh out loud, her lips curving in a mocking fashion. “Huo Yunxi, you must have forgotten to take your meds today. Are you even married? When did you decide to declare your identification as a husband? Aren’t you the bed warmer for your little baby girl Lin? Heh heh… don’t be so disgusting. You don’t deserve to say the word ‘husband’ because it doesn’t match your scumbag personality.”

When she finished talking and decided to walk away, in one swift move Huo Yunxi grabbed her slender wrist with one hand and tugged her chin with the other. He glowered, “Li Xiaoman, I said there is a limit in the cat-and-mouse game.”

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