Chapter 54: You Want to Divorce, But I Won’t Let You

Li Xiaoman didn’t bother to speak an extra word with Huo Yunxi as she thought it was unnecessary to explain herself to him and that he could think whatever he wanted.

She stared at him indifferently and spoke in a calm tone, “Huo Yunxi, both of us will be tired if we continue this marriage. Divorce is the best option for the two of us. I’ve left the divorce agreements in your book room ready for you to sign it. Don’t you love Xia Lin? Didn’t you want to give her happiness? Once we’re divorced, you can marry her right away.”

Having heard Li Xiaoman talk about divorce so calmly, Huo Yunxi felt an inexplicable fear inside him and he wished that she was still playing hard to get; he felt a heartache, as if he was going to lose her.

What was happening with him? He could have ignored her like before, but now that she seemed different from who he thought she was, he was starting to care about her.

Li Xiaoman saw that he still stared at her, looking stunned by her words, so she pulled her hands away from his and turned towards the stairs.

Huo Yunxi regained his senses and clenched his fists tighter as he stared at her angrily. “Li Xiaoman, are you in love with another man and that’s why you want to divorce with me? Or was it that sleeping with him made you feel happy and so you want to leave me right away? I know you want to divorce, but I won’t let you.”

Li Xiaoman clenched her hands together having heard Huo Yunxi’s words, she wondered how she didn’t notice that he was a maniac before. She turned around and stared at him coldly. “Huo Yunxi, you set me up. Not only were you a b-----d, you’re also a maniac; it’s all because of what you have done that got us here today. When I wanted to spend my life with you, you wanted to divorce me; now that I want to divorce you, you disagree. So tell me what do you really want? Have multiple wives like the ancient days? Or do you want your wife and all your mistresses to be good sisters? In your dreams Huo Yunxi. Don’t force me to file for divorce, because the Huo Family’s reputation can’t afford this.”

Without giving Huo Yunxi an extra glance, Li Xiaoman walked upstairs after she finished.

Huo Yunxi looked in her direction and clenched his hands into fists as he followed her upstairs. He was heading for the guest room direction when he saw Maid Lin walk out from there.

Maid Lin was holding a photo album in her hands and she was muttering as she looked at it, “Sigh. What a nice album, why is Young Madam throwing this away?”

“Let me see…” Huo Yunxi stopped Maid Lin having heard her mutters and took the photo album from her hands; it was his and Li Xiaoman’s wedding photos, but only a few were in the album.

Li Xiaoman was wearing a pure white wedding dress, she had a sweet smile on her face and she was as beautiful as an angel.

Huo Yunxi’s heartstrings were pulled when he saw those photos and his hands held onto the photo album tighter. He remembered that he was forced by Grandpa to take these photos, and so he only took a few photos with Li Xiaoman to brush it off.

Although there were only a few photos, he still flipped through them one by one. Suddenly, his hand paused as his gaze fell upon a photo of them together.

It was a photo he took with Li Xiaoman when they were before their 20s.

In the photo, he was half kneeling on the ground with a bright smile on his handsome young face.

While Li Xiaoman was wearing a long white one-piece dress, and she was on his back with her arms around his neck and a shy smile on her face.

It was a photo of him preparing to give her a piggyback ride, but he had forgotten when this photo was captured.

Staring at this photo brought back a lot of memories from the past for Huo Yunxi.

He and Li Xiaoman were childhood friends and grew up together.

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