Chapter 55: I Don’t Deserve to Sit In Your Car

Huo Yunxi still remembered the first time Grandpa brought Li Xiaoman to the Huo Manor when she was little. She was afraid to speak to strangers and was a very quiet girl.

Grandpa asked him to play with her, and that was when they started to get along.

Since Huo Yunxi was young, Grandpa raised him as the next successor of the Huo Family and he was very strict with him. He always got upset when Grandpa scolded at him and it was Li Xiaoman who listened to him and tried to cheer him up during those times…

These memories that he thought he had forgotten, slowly came back to his mind and made his heart ache. He started to feel regret when he remembered about how he had brushed Li Xiaoman off for this past year that they had been married.

Huo Yunxi stopped in front of Li Xiaoman’s room and knocked on her door, but Li Xiaoman didn’t open the door and even close her room lights.

Huo Yunxi narrowed his eyes at the situation, but he didn’t knock again and took the photo album back with him to his room.


The next morning, Li Xiaoman woke up even earlier because she didn’t want to accidentally enter that CEO exclusive elevator during rush hour again.

She walked downstairs after she freshened up and surprisingly, Huo Yunxi was sitting in the dining room.

Li Xiaoman lost her appetite for breakfast having seen him, and as she turned around to leave, Huo Yunxi called out in a gentle voice.


Li Xiaoman paused feeling as if a century had passed in time; aside from that anniversary night, it has been a long time since he spoke to her in this gently.

The name ‘Manman’ brought back a lot of bittersweet childhood memories, and that made her heart ache.

Huo Yunxi smiled having seen Li Xiaoman’s reaction, he stood up as he walked beside her and looked at her with tender eyes. Li Xiaoman was wearing a white blouse with silk lace collars emitting a sweet and sexy feel; her body curves and long slim legs were accentuated by her black high-waist step skirt, and her pale white complexion had a blush of pink in it that seemed appealing.

Li Xiaoman was elegant, charismatic, and sexy; she was like a goddess and he couldn’t turn his gaze away.

However, she gave Huo Yunxi a quick glance and continued heading towards the main door.

Huo Yunxi saw that she grabbed her bag as she was about to leave, and so he asked immediately, “Manman, where to? I’ll drive you.”

Li Xiaoman glanced coldly at Huo Yunxi who had a gentle expression; she almost doubted that it was Huo Yunxi who spoke if she hadn’t known his voice.

Her eyes narrowed and said in an indifferent tone, “CEO Huo, I don’t deserve to sit in your car, it’s better if you save this seat for the real Mrs. Huo in your heart.”

Li Xiaoman walked straight out of the lobby as she finished and didn’t even give Huo Yunxi a glance.

“Manman…” Huo Yunxi called out as he chased after her, but his cellphone rang when he was about to grab her wrist.

He paused as he took out his cellphone, and from Li Xiaoman’s angle she could see that it was a phone call from Xia Lin.

Huo Yunxi looked at Li Xiaoman, and for the first time, he felt the guiltiness that a cheater should feel. He didn’t pick up the phone immediately but instead, he stared at Li Xiaoman and tried to explain himself. “Manman, I… Linlin and I… Give me some time and I…”

He hesitated for bit, and then it seemed like he had made up his mind as he continued, “I’ll break up with her…”

Li Xiaoman’s eyes narrowed as she continued to stare at Huo Yunxi indifferently. When he spoke to her in this gentle attitude, she was almost moved by him; but it was all gone the moment he hesitated.

Huo Yunxi still wanted Xia Lin, or else he wouldn’t have hesitated at all.

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