Chapter 56: Car Accident From The Race

Li Xiaoman stared at him coldly and said coolly, “No, it’s fine. I will not get involved in your match made in heaven. You guys are perfect for each other, and it’s legal to marry your sister-in-law. I’m not a homewrecker, and I’m not going to ruin your relationship.”

She finished talking and left Huo Yunxi.

Huo Yunxi stared at Xiaoman’s back as she was walking away while clenching the cellphone in his hand and suddenly loathing Xia Lin’s phone call.

Xia Lin was still trying to reach him, but Huo Yunxi ignored the call and turned off his phone.

Soon after, he drove his car and chased after Li Xiaoman.

As soon as Li Xiaoman walked out of Jade Garden, she saw Lorry wearing sunglasses and standing right beside the same Silver Maybach.

Lorry raised his eyebrows and smiled at Li Xiaoman. “Good morning, Miss Li. I’m here to pick you up!”

“Thank you, but it’s…” Li Xiaoman was about to decline his offer, but she soon saw Huo Yunxi’s black Bentley coming out of the Jade Garden.  She squinted her eyes as a beam of satisfaction appearing on her face. “It’s very kind of you, Lorry. Thank you so much!”

She got into Lorry’s car right away.

Huo Yunxi witnessed this scene and clenched his fists on the wheel furiously with angry eyes. “No wonder… that’s why she wants a divorce… she is cheating on me!”

He stepped on the gas and sped up after them.

Lorry was cruising leisurely when he realized someone was following them from behind. He raised his eyebrows again and grinned at Li Xiaoman. “Miss Li, someone wants to race us. Sit tight!”

Li Xiaoman looked over to the window and saw Huo Yunxi staring at her fiercely from his car as if he was the cuckhold husband who caught his wife cheating.

Li Xiaoman glanced at Huo Yunxi and then turned around to smile at Lorry. “You better speed up!”

Li Xiaoman looked straight ahead to avoid eye contact with Huo Yunxi, but she could still feel his intense gaze fixing on her.

Lorry sped up the car after hearing what she said.

Huo Yunxi also sped up to chase them.

The two cars started a racing game with well-matched drivers maneuvering skillfully with each other; one moment Lorry was leading, but soon Huo Yunxi caught up. It was indeed a close contest.

The car passed through each other with flying speed while Li Xiaoman was sitting in the passenger seat and felt like she was on a roller-coaster ride. Her heartbeat raced, and she clenched her fists whenever she saw Huo Yunxi’s car approaching.

In comparison to Li Xiaoman, Lorry was relaxed and calm as if he was playing a fun game with Huo Yunxi.

Even though Huo Yunxi was a good driver, he was still no match to Lorry, who was once a professional racer.

It usually took half an hour to travel from Jade Garden to the city center, however, it only took Lorry 10 minutes to arrive.

Lorry parked the car and glimpsed at Li Xiaoman with a smile. “Miss Li, you can get off here.”

Li Xiaoman jumped out of the car promptly without saying anything after hearing what he said as if she would die from a heart attack if she stayed a second longer.

As soon as she stepped out of the car, she heard a loud crashing sound.

She was startled and turned around to see the silver Maybach had crashed with the black Bentley in a head-on collision.

Both cars were damaged but in different degrees.

Huo Yunxi’s Bentley was in a worse condition with the front bumper, fender, grill, hood, and lights all receiving severe damage.

The passersby and crowds started to gather around the scene because it was rare to see two luxurious cars involved in this kind of accident, and most people were employees from the TE Building where the two vehicles had crashed.

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