Chapter 57: Teaching Those Gossipers a Lesson

Some people in the crowd recognized that it was Huo Yunxi since he always appeared in headlines in many newspapers.

“Is the person in that car Huo Yunxi, the CEO of the Huo Enterprise?”

“It looks like him? How did his car crash into Executive Lorry’s car?”


Having heard the chitchats from the crowd, Li Xiaoman’s glance fell upon Huo Yunxi’s car. Even though she hated him for what he had done, but his Grandpa, Huo Yehong, had been kind towards her. Just when she was about to approach forward to check his status, Huo Yunxi walked out of the car looking uninjured.

Li Xiaoman paused her steps and Huo Yunxi came towards her quickly as he grabbed her thin wrists. He stared at her with anger in his eyes and purposely said in a low voice, “Li Xiaoman, I’ll deal with you afterwards when we get back.”

“Let go of me…” Li Xiaoman said lowering her voice as she looked at him.

Some of the crowd were from the Jewelry Design department, they were shocked to see Huo Yunxi and Li Xiaoman together, so they started to discuss in low voices.

“Isn’t that our new colleague from yesterday? What relationship could she have with the CEO of Huo Enterprise? I thought she was Executive Lorry’s lover…”

“Oh her! I bet she’s more than Executive Lorry’s lover, maybe she’s having affair with multiple people at one time. She’s probably CEO Huo’s lover as well, can’t you see how Executive Lorry and CEO Huo hit each other’s car for her? She definitely seduced both of them, what a b*itch.”

Li Xiaoman heard every word from them as she stood very close to where the conversation had occurred.

“Huo Yunxi, let me go!” She said as she struggled away from Huo Yunxi’s hands and turned around as she stared at the two women who talked behind her.

Both of them were from the Design department and the one who called her a ‘b*tch’ was Yang Limei, while the other one was Liu Jiaojiao.

The two of them had admired Long Sihao for a long time, but the entire company knew that Long Sihao was not ‘interested’ in women.

Therefore they were jealous when Li Xiaoman was able to ride in the same elevator with Long Sihao on her first day of work, so they always tried to find chances to say awful things about her.

Li Xiaoman walked towards Yang Limei and Liu Jiaojiao, she then smiled as she stopped in front of them; she raised her hand and whipped it across Yang Limei’s face, twice. “Have you heard of this phrase?” Li Xiaoman said to Yang Limei coldly, “Don’t speak ill of others behind their back — or you’re asking for a beat. Remember next time to not talk behind someone’s back out loud, or you wouldn’t even have a reason to get back at them when they slap you.”

Li Xiaoman walked straight past Yang Limei towards the building as she finished.

Huo Yunxi was stunned by Li Xiaoman when she slapped Yang Limei twice and he realized how much he had ignored her for the past year. Li Xiaoman had grown up and changed, she wasn’t that little girl who needed protection anymore.

Just as Li Xiaoman stepped into the building, Long Sihao was walking towards his exclusive elevator from another passage in the building.

He wore a khaki silk dress shirt with a pair of handmade black suit pants and leather Berluti shoes which accentuated his perfect body figure; his brick-colored tie had a stripe pattern and his diamond cufflinks were shining brightly under the natural light.

Long Sihao was followed by three other men dressed in business suits who all seemed serious, and two of them looked like they were just scolded, as they were wiping the sweat off their heads.

While the person walking beside him was his new secretary Ye Shan.

Long Sihao walked in front of everyone with a regal bearing, he was elegant and confident; wherever he was at, his noble presence made him the most appealing scenery attracting everyone’s attention.

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