Chapter 58: Anthomaniac, the Crazy Woman in the Elevator

While watching the elegant man, Li Xiaoman stood motionless and forgot to get into the elevator. Her eyes followed him as he walked towards the elevator exclusive for the CEO.

Long Sihao’s eyes looked directly forward, his expression as cold as ever with no signs of a smile. His stance was powerful, and his strides were elegant.

He walked forward as if he did not notice Li Xiaoman at all, not turning to look at her even once. His thin lips were beautiful and sexy, their side profiles looking perfect; his nose stood handsomely tall like a mountain, it was mesmerizing.

Li Xiaoman snapped out of it after he had entered his personal elevator and the doors had closed; she wrinkled her pretty eyebrows and blushed, not believing that she had just turned into an anthomaniac too.

Then, she looked down and walked into the elevator immediately. She looked up after she pressed floor #10 and noticed that she was not the only anthomaniac. Almost every woman outside the elevator had an anthomaniac look on their face and was staring at the CEO’s personal elevator.

It took a while before every one snapped back to reality and came into the elevator.

Suddenly, a loud scream rang out from within the elevator and scared Li Xiaoman as the doors closed.

“Ahhhh… ahhh… I am going to go crazy! Mr.Long is so handsome and so charming, he is like my idol… I love my idol… ahhh…”

LI Xiaoman squinted, this scream really triggered her. She knew Long Sihao was very handsome, very charming, and radiated royalty and charm wherever he went and whatever he did, but it really wasn’t worth the scream.

Then, another woman said in a jealous voice, “I am so envious of Ye Shan at the CEO’s office! She can see Mr.Long every day and can be so close to him; she can smell what cologne he is using every day and can breathe the same air as him. I would be so happy if Mr.Long just looked at me more.”

“Ahhh… I love you Mr.Long… my idol, I love you…” The woman who just screamed insanely started yelling out loud again.

Li Xiaoman was going crazy, this group of women was clearly insane; they were like the fangirls of some superstar.

She pushed her way out of the elevator as the doors opened, scared that she would go crazy if she stayed any longer with them.

She sat down at her seat upon entering the Design Office and noticed that Lin Momo wasn’t here yet. She only settled down after she called her and she said she was already at the office building.

Lin Momo came in soon after they hung up on each other, the first thing she asked was what happened at the car crash this morning.

The rumor of the car crash between the CEO Huo Yunxi and the CEO assistant Lorry was already widely spread, Lin Momo heard it as she came into the office.

Li Xiaoman summarized the accident to Lin Momo and then asked with a raised eyebrow, “Why did you come so late today?”

Lin Momo glowed up like she was in love and said with a smile, “I got up a little bit later today, oh yeah, here is what I promised you last night.”

Lin Momo passed a bank card to Li Xiaoman.

Li Xiaoman’s eyes watered up as she grabbed Lin Momo’s hands and said affectionately, “Momo, thank you.”

Helping her wipe off the tears in her eyes, Lin Momo said with a smile, “Wow, I only lent you some money and you are about to cry. If I was a man, wouldn’t you be marrying me…”

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