Chapter 59: The remarkable Long Sihao

Having said that, Lin Momo glanced at her with a trace of apology. “Manman, I only have less than $200,000 here, but you need $300,000. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.”

Li Xiaoman took her hand and smiled. “Momo, you had helped me a lot, I’ll find a way to get the rest. I’ll pay you back as soon as possible.”

Lin Momo raised her eyebrows and shrugged her shoulders as she smiled at her. “Oh dear, you don’t have to rush it. Just consider it as you saving money for me. I’m not in urgent need of that money anyway, so you can wait until you are better off.”

“Well, Momo, thank you!” Li Xiaoman stared at Lin Momo, her bright eyes filled with tears. If it was not an inappropriate occasion, she would give her a kiss. She was really grateful to have such a sincere friend.

“My dear, stop being so polite! I’m embarrassed.” Lin Momo raised her eyebrows and leaned forward as if she thought of something else and asked with joy, “Manman, are you interested in knowing something about our President Long, Long Sihao?”

Hearing Long Sihao’s name, Li Xiaoman’s heart began pounding. She raised her eyebrows. “What about him?”

Lin Momo glanced at her and then said, “According to a reliable source that I got, our President Long owns many properties. His base was in Europe, and he was involved in various industries: financial industry, catering industry, film and television industry, real estate, Dihua International, Yuyan Maison, and the city’s high-end clubs were all parts of his empire. What’s more, he only took them over a month ago. It is said that there was a financial crisis… It is also said that he has another remarkable and mysterious identity…”

Li Xiaoman felt that Lin Momo knew it very well, she narrowed her eyes and interrupted her, “Momo, how do you know about all of this?”

Lin Momo smiled at her and said, “Manman, just let me finish first! Though President Long is wealthy, the key is power and connections. If he wanted to destroy the whole city, he could get it done overnight effortlessly, the same as razing Qingqing Bar to the ground overnight.”

Li Xiaoman’s eyebrows slightly raised as she looked at Lin Momo in surprise. “Qingqing Bar was razed to the ground? When did that happen?”

She remembered she just went there recently, how come it had been razed?

Lin Momo saw her surprise and glared at her with her eyebrows raised. “Manman, you never read a newspaper or something like that, do you? It just happened a few days before, didn’t you know?”

Li Xiaoman grinned at her. “I did not read about these things; thus, I didn’t notice it. Forget it, let’s go back to work.”

She didn’t tell Lin Momo that the main reason she didn’t pay attention to this kind of gossip was that she used to read about Huo Yunxi’s affairs in the newspapers and other resources. As time passed by, she had formed the habit of avoiding them. She would rather believe that, deep down, he was still the person who protected and cared for her than worry about his gossips.

Now she thought about those days, it was not worth it. She was too simple and naïve. People changed and they moved on. Huo Yunxi was not the gentle young man he used to be while she waited for him for a year.

Fortunately, she came to her senses, and she would not fall for Huo Yunxi anymore.

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