Chapter 6: Won’t Let Go, No Regrets

Long Sihao sucked in a deep breath, and he could feel his blood boiling. His dark, brooding eyes let loose a trace of danger. He spoke in a soft yet menacing tone, “I’ll say this one last time. Let go or you will regret this. I don’t want you to regret.”

He had carried her to the bathroom so that she could cleanse herself, yet she was holding him…

“No… I won’t let go…” she muttered softly. “I’ll regret it if I let you go; so, I won’t let you go.” She continued as she subconsciously left kisses on Long Sihao’s back with her tender lips.

Long Sihao’s expression changed slightly. And an emotion that no one understood slowly filled his dark eyes.

“You won’t regret this?” He turned around. His gaze locked with hers, and he asked again, “You really won’t regret this?”

Li Xiaoman stared back into his deep eyes, and her lips moved slightly before she kissed him with her eyes closed.

Her kiss was clumsy and inexperienced, which made it even worse.

It was her, and only because she was Li Xiaoman. Long Sihao who was always proud of his self-control felt as if a fire was burning in his body, and his eyes revealed a trace of desire. His voice turned husky. “Stop, stop doing this…”

He tried hard to control himself, but he couldn’t, because it was her. Yet he must restrain himself, still because it was her.

Li Xiaoman paid no attention to his words. Her only thoughts were that he was her savior, and she could not let him go, she must hold on.

She held his neck firmly and kissed his thin lips, wanting to go deeper mindlessly.

As she did this to him, Long Sihao found it was impossible to control himself.

He stared at her as she tried to go further and said, “You asked for it.”

He used his physical advantage and pressed Li Xiaoman against the cold bathroom wall. He then bent his head and gave her a harsh kiss as if he wanted to punish him.

Long Sihao felt an uncontrollable desire for more of her after having tasted her sweetness. He kissed her harder and more ferociously.

Li Xiaoman’s body was burning hot from the drug. The cold wall her back was against provided a somewhat comforting contrast. She felt waves of tingling sensations rushing from her head to her toes.

Li Xiaoman was unaware of her acts, yet her inner desires prompted her to respond to Long Sihao’s kisses.

Their bodies pressed tightly against each other, and it seemed as if the warmth of their skin together could ignite a spark.

Long Sihao’s breath began to quicken as he noticed her response. With passion in his eyes, he kissed her even more uncontrollably.

No other woman had made him feel like this. Li Xiaoman was the first and the only woman who could make him lose control.

His fingers combed softly through her hair, and he gently lifted her head up to accept his kiss.

Li Xiaoman held onto his neck tightly and instinctively kissed back.

Her eyes turned watery and her vision became blurry as she stared at Long Sihao. Her body was so warm that she thought she was about to die from the heat.

She did not know exactly what she desired from him, but she knew that kisses weren’t enough.

“I don’t feel so good…” she whimpered. “Help… help me…”

Having heard her words, Long Sihao’s blazing eyes stared into hers. Her eyes were filled with desire, and she was more than attractive to him.

Long Sihao spoke in an alluring and husky voice, “Are you sure you want me to help you?”

Li Xiaoman’s body pressed against his softly as she gazed at him, and she nodded her head subconsciously.

Long Sihao felt a sense of tightness down his body and his blood started to boil up again. His long arms wrapped firmly around Li Xiaoman’s slim waist, and he pressed her down onto the bathroom floor.

  • The next morning –

Li Xiaoman woke up and the blanket slipped off as she turned to her side. She sneezed from the cold and as she reached out to pull her blanket back up, she noticed something unusual. She was naked and she felt sore all over… she had a bad feeling.

Li Xiaoman glanced down and saw that her body was covered in hickeys that looked like blooming cherry blossoms.

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