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A Marriage in Mistake: Sir, Please Control Yourself Chapter 60

Chapters 60: Will teach her a lesson sooner or later

Putting things aside, Li Xiaoman focused on her job. Lin Momo leaned over again and whispered, “Well, I have to tell you one more thing. I heard that our gorgeous President Long has never had an affair. And you hooked up with him, you’re so lucky! Come on, is he good in bed?”

Hearing that, Li Xiaoman’s cute little face blushed. She stared at Lin Momo with anger. “Jesus! Stop talking about him and go back to work!”

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop. You are blushing. He must be amazing in bed.” Lin Momo grinned and then continued her work.

Li Xiaoman’s face became more and more blushed and her heartbeat inexplicably accelerated.

Suddenly, the landline on her desk rang and scared her.

She picked up the phone and answered in the most standard Mandarin with her sweet voice, “Hello!”

There was a familiar cold and low voice spreading out of the phone. “It’s me, come up here immediately!”

“Long… Long Sihao…”

Li Xiaoman was shocked and put the receiver away immediately. Since the receiver was close to her ear, it seemed like Long Sihao was whispering to her ear. His deep voice made her ear slightly warm and her heart beat like a drum.

She looked around furtively and then lowered her voice and answered sanctimoniously as if she didn’t recognize Long Sihao’s voice, “Hello Madam, this is the jewelry design department. I’m afraid you have the wrong number. There is no such person at this number, I’m gonna hang up.”

Then Li Xiaoman hung up the phone. But in just a second, the phone rang again.

She frowned and picked up the receiver frustrated, but she still replied in a beautiful and sweet voice, “Hello Madam, we really don’t have the person you are looking for here.”

“Li Xiaoman, I’m your man! You should know this clearly!” Long Sihao yelled over the phone.

Li Xiaoman held the receiver and her face lightly blushed. She nodded as if she finally understood. “Oh, you are looking for a man! I’m sorry, there are only women here…”

Lin Momo came over when Li Xiaoman was about to hang up the phone. She stared at Li Xiaoman suspiciously and asked, “Manman, who’s calling?”

Li Xiaoman quickly hid her panic and said calmly, “Some lonely guy looking for men. He probably has the wrong number.”

The receiver was still next to her ear when she said it. Obviously, Long Sihao heard what she had said.

Then she hung up the phone and it didn’t ring again. She was about to concentrate on her work as Director Yang from the design department walked over to her. He looked at her and said, “Li Xiaoman, come out with me.”

Li Xiaoman saw Director Yang’s grave face, she thought that something had happened. She didn’t dare to hesitate and followed him out of the design department.

Right after she and Director Yang, Yang Zhengfeng, went out, Yang Limei who was slapped by Li Xiaoman this morning said sarcastically, “What a sl*t! She really knows how to seduce men. She even hooked up with my uncle.”

Liu Jiaojiao, who was next to her, looked at her and shushed, “Limei, keep it down, she might overhear and slap you again! I heard Secretary Lorry gave her a lift yesterday and this morning as well. I bet they slept together last night. Now Secretary Lorry has her back, you’d better not mess with her.”

“Humph!  That little sl*t!” Yang Limei squeezed her hands and glared ruthlessly. “I’ll teach her a lesson sooner or later! We’ll see!”

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