Chapter 61: I Want to Make a Cup of Coffee For the CEO

Yang Zhengfeng headed straight into the elevator after he left the Design Department and pressed the button for the 30th floor.

Li Xiaoman followed him into the elevator and she was confused when she saw him pressing for the 30th floor. She was just about to ask when his attitude flipped 180° degrees; compared to how serious he acted before, Yang Zhengfeng was now smiling broadly with his eyes squinted into straight lines.

“Miss Li, so you are our CEO’s lover. I must’ve been blind before to not see that and it’s been my pleasure to have you working in my Design Department. It must’ve been hard for you to put up with everything. I was hoping that Miss Li could say a few nice things about me in front of the CEO. You see I’ve been working in the Design Department for several years, when would it be possible for a little raise?”

Yang Zhengfeng was a chubby man in his forties, and he looked like a Maitreya with his big beer belly when he smiled.

Li Xiaoman narrowed her eyes in confusion as she looked at Yang Zhengfeng. “Who said that I was the CEO’s lover?”

Yang Zhengfeng was still smiling broadly as he looked back at Li Xiaoman. “Miss Li, you don’t have to find it embarrassing to admit that you’re his lover. I’ll keep it a secret for you so don’t worry. The CEO probably didn’t want his employees to know your relationship and that’s why he put you in our Design Department. Don’t worry, I understand! I know it’s your little games, you youngsters always enjoy hiding these things.”

Li Xiaoman’s lips twitched as she heard his words and now she finally understood why Yang Zhengfeng called her into the elevator and pressed the 30th floor; it must’ve been because of Long Sihao!

Yang Zhengfeng had a misunderstanding and got the wrong message from Long Sihao’s order.

The elevator door opened on the 30th floor, and Yang Zhengfeng bowed slightly as he smiled at her. “Miss Li, please don’t forget what I said in the elevator! I’ll be counting the rest of my life on you.”

Ugh… Li Xiaoman’s lips twitched slightly again, and as she looked up, she saw Long Sihao’s secretary Ye Shan standing outside of the elevator.

Ye Shan wore a standard black business suit, and she stood with a great posture as she greeted Li Xiaoman gently with a smile. “Miss Li.”

Li Xiaoman’s eyes narrowed when she saw Long Sihao’s secretary purposely waiting for her, what was Long Sihao trying to do?

Did he want her to be everyone’s rival in the company by keeping on calling her up to the CEO’s office like this?

She didn’t want to go to the CEO office before, but now anger rose in her heart and she smirked with a trace of cleverness flashing across her eyes.

Li Xiaoman suddenly paused her steps and raised her eyebrows as she smiled at Ye Shan. “Please excuse me, but there’s something I forgot to do. I’ll come back in a moment.”

Ye Shan was confused when Li Xiaoman went back to the elevator, she didn’t understand what she had to do and why she left so suddenly.

She stood still wondering if she should notify Long Sihao, but she didn’t wait for a long time before Li Xiaoman returned.

Ye Shan smiled as she approached Li Xiaoman and asked her gently, “Miss Li, could we head towards the CEO’s office now?”

Li Xiaoman was holding a ‘secret weapon’ in her right hand, and she tried to calm herself from excitation as she looked at Ye Shan and said softly, “Let’s head to the pantry first, I want to make a cup of coffee for our CEO.”

Ye Shan stared at her looking surprised, but Long Sihao had told her to wait for Li Xiaoman at the elevator. Li Xiaoman had to be someone important and therefore Ye Shan had treated her with a polite attitude.

With a warm smile, Ye Shan extended her hand and said, “Miss Li, please follow me.”

She then led Li Xiaoman to the pantry.

Li Xiaoman intentionally sent Ye Shan away when she brewed the coffee for Long Sihao, and asked Ye Shan to carry the cup of coffee when they entered the CEO’s office together.

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