Chapter 62. I Don’t Mind Half-Half

Long Sihao sat behind a two-meter-long rosewood desk and had his focus on the computer in front of him. His attention wasn’t affected by Li Xiaoman nor Ye Shan when they walked into his office.

Ye Shan gently put down the coffee that Li Xiaoman had brewed on the desk and backed away quickly.

Li Xiaoman narrowed her eyes as she stared confusedly at Ye Shan; the woman had acted as if Long Sihao was some beast about to attack her.

“Out,” Long Sihao spoke in a low and indifferent tone.

“Yes!” Ye Shan replied, and without giving a glance at Long Sihao, she respectfully exited the CEO’s office.

Once Ye Shan left, only Li Xiaoman and Long Sihao were left in this luxurious office.

The atmosphere felt very awkward.

Li Xiaoman saw that Long Sihao was still focused on his work, and she raised her eyebrows as she stared at the cup of coffee on his desk. She took a deep breath and tried to remain calm as she said, “Boss, the coffee won’t taste as good if you drink it cold.”

Long Sihao looked up as he stared at her with his brooding eyes and said in a deep tone, “Didn’t anyone tell you that I like my coffee cold? En?”

“What?” Li Xiaoman sounded surprised. Her eyes slightly narrowed as her gaze locked onto that cup of coffee she made and her hands at her sides clenched together. She must persuade him into drinking that cup of coffee, or else it would be such a waste of her ‘hard work.’

“Boss,” Li Xiaoman said raising her eyebrows and smiling brightly like a blooming flower. “Hasn’t anybody told you that the best temperature to drink coffee is at 85°C? And right now would be the best timing.”

“Really?” Long Sihao questioned as he raised his brows and held the cup towards his lips with an elegant motion. “I guess I should give it a try?”

Li Xiaoman’s hands clenched together a bit tighter, she didn’t even blink as she stared at Long Sihao’s appealing thin lips.

However, Long Sihao paused suddenly before he was about to take a sip. He looked into Li Xiaoman’s eyes deeply and asked in a low voice, “Why are you staring at me like this? Do you want to drink too?”

“Ah…” Li Xiaoman quickly shook her head and gave him a gentle smile. “Boss, this was made for you, so how could I drink it? Please enjoy your coffee.”

Long Sihao’s brooding eyes locked onto Li Xiaoman’s bright smile, and his thin lips curved into an angle. “I don’t mind sharing it with you; we could each take one sip after another.”

Li Xiaoman’s lips twitched slightly as her cheeks blushed slightly red. Her eyebrows pinched together and wondered if he had noticed something unusual about the coffee! If he hadn’t, then why wasn’t he drinking it?

She looked up at Long Sihao and slightly narrowed her eyes. “That wouldn’t be right. Boss, please enjoy your coffee alone!”

Li Xiaoman’s tone had softened as she tried to persuade him, and it sounded like a lover’s murmur in Long Sihao’s ears.

His eyes brightened as if they had absorbed starlights and his expression softened. “Alright,” he said in a low voice, “I’ll drink it! But you’ll have to feed me.”

“What?” Li Xiaoman sounded shocked. She glanced at that cup of coffee on Long Sihao’s desk as she clenched her teeth discreetly; she had brewed the coffee just for him, and if he didn’t drink it, then all her hard work would go to waste.

Li Xiaoman made up her mind and straightened her back as if she was a soldier about to go onto the battlefield. She walked towards Long Sihao and held the cup of coffee close to his mouth; she had a fake smile on her face but her voice sounded surprisingly soft. “Boss, please drink up.”

“It’s too hot,” Long Sihao said, pressing his lips lightly as he glanced at the coffee. “Blow at it for me.”

Li Xiaoman’s lips twitched slightly and thousands of swear words ran across her head, but she smiled even more brightly and clenched her teeth as she said, “Sure…”

She held back her anger as she blew lightly on the coffee, and with a smile on her face, she handed it over to Long Sihao. “Boss, is this okay now?”

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