Chapter 63: She was His Personal Secretary?

Long Sihao’s brooding eyes stared at the cup of coffee, but as he was about to take a sip, the phone beside him rang.

Li Xiaoman’s brows pinched together at Long Sihao as he answered the phone call, “Bring him inside.”

She stared at Long Sihao confused, Bring who in?

The door opened while Li Xiaoman was still in confusion, and Ye Shan was standing outside with a smile on her face as she gestured. “Mr. Lin, please.”

A man in his forties walked in smiling, he had a square face and was dressed in a black business suit.

“Mr. Long…”

“Mr. Lin…”

Li Xiaoman glanced quickly at the cup of coffee she was holding and then stared intensely at Long Sihao who had left his seat to greet Mr. Lin.

Having seen that the two had already seated themselves on the luxurious leather sofa, Li Xiaoman wished that she could grab Long Sihao by his neck and make him drink the coffee.

She held back her anger and with that cup of coffee still in her hands, she said respectfully to Long Sihao, “Boss, I’ll excuse myself.”

As she was about to turn around and leave, Long Sihao called out in a low voice, “Come here.”

Li Xiaoman’s beautiful eyes squinted slightly but she was still carrying a professional smile on her face. She walked unwillingly towards Long Sihao and wondered why he was calling her over.

CEO Lin, who sat across from Long Sihao, had his gaze focused on Li Xiaoman as she walked over and stared at her for a while before he asked, “Mr. Long, this is…”

Long Sihao’s eyes narrowed as his expression softened and he said, “My personal secretary.”

Li Xiaoman’s lips twitched slightly. Since when did she become his personal secretary?

“So you’re Mr. Long’s personal secretary! You have a great taste, Mr. Long, because your secretary is very beautiful.” Mr. Lin smiled as he said to Long Sihao. Then his gaze fell upon Li Xiaoman again and locked onto her slim long legs after he had scanned her from head to toe with his eyes.

Long Sihao’s brooding eyes narrowed with a trace of danger when he saw Mr. Lin’s stare, and his expression hardened as he pressed his thin lips tightly together into a straight line.

Long Sihao glanced at Li Xiaoman as she approached them and said in a calm indifferent voice, “Hand the coffee to Mr. Lin.”

“What?” Li Xiaoman was shocked as her lips twitched slightly. She quickly glanced at Lin Zheng then back at Long Sihao and said quietly, “Boss, this coffee was for…”

Long Sihao didn’t wait until she finished speaking as he grabbed the coffee and handed it to Lin Zheng.

“Mr. Long, thank you.” Lin Zheng said to Long Sihao with a bright smile as he received the cup of coffee.

Li Xiaoman’s eyes narrowed and a trace of worry flashed across her eyes when she saw Lin Zheng about to take a sip. “Wait… Mr. Lin, don’t drink yet… Uhm…”


Lin Zheng took a slurp before Li Xiaoman could stop him.

Her eyes widened as her jaw dropped in surprise, and the next second her left wrist was grabbed by Long Sihao’s hand.

Li Xiaoman narrowed her eyes at the situation and she was about to question Long Sihao when he pulled her into his arms.

At the same time,  Lin Zheng spewed out his coffee onto the spot where Li Xiaoman had stood. If Long Sihao didn’t pull her into his chest then she would have been covered in coffee right now; but unfortunately, her lips were pressed against Long Sihao’s lips now.

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