Chapter 64: Damn It, He Kissed Her Again

Lin Zheng stood up, his eyebrows tightly knit, the look on his face was pure agony. “This is so damn salty…what kind of cof…”

Before he could finish, he saw Li Xiaoman and Long Sihao were kissing; he stopped talking abruptly.

He let out a chuckle from being on the receiving end of Long Sihao’s indifferent yet sharp gaze. He realized something and said, “Sorry, President Long, but please continue. We’ll talk about our contract next time.”

As soon as he finished talking, he dashed out of the CEO Office as if he was being chased by a ghost.

Outside the CEO Office, Secretary Ye Shan smiled when she saw Lin Zheng leave in a hurry. She greeted him with a bow, “Au revoir, President Lin.”

Lin Zheng’s mouth opened wide and looked at Ye Shan, looking pained. “Secretary Ye, take me to the coffee room, now! What kind of coffee was that? It was so salty that it almost killed me.”

Ye Shan’s heart skipped a beat and she took Lin Zheng to the coffee room immediately.

Meanwhile in the CEO Office, Li Xiaoman blushed and moved away from Long Shihao immediately. She was so embarrassed. “Please excuse me! I…I didn’t mean that.”

Her heart was pounding. Her eyelids lowered, just like a small child who got caught in the act of doing something naughty. Her long lashes fluttered like butterfly wings. They were so eye-catching and tempting.

A smile emerged in Long Sihao’s deep eyes as he saw how her face blushed. His long, fair fingers lifted her chin. The corners of his beautiful thin lips turned up. He murmured, “That’s fine. We’ll each do it once and then we’re even.”

“What are you say…Mmm…” Li Xiaoman looked up at Long Sihao, but before she finished her sentence, Long Sihao leaned in and covered her lush lips with his. He gave her a quick kiss and moved away.

“You…” Li Xiaoman’s pretty eyes narrowed and glowered at him.

He kissed her again? Doesn’t he know that she was his sister-in-law?

Long Sihao faced her angry look. There was not a trace of discomfort on his handsome face, rather, his countenance was way too natural and normal, as if he had never done anything.

“Now we’re even.”

Li Xiaoman gave him a dirty look before she realized she was still in his arms. She stood up, tidied her clothes, and glowered at him with burning rage. “Why didn’t you drink the coffee? Did you know something’s wrong with it?”

Long Sihao’s dark long eyes narrowed. He glanced over the cup of coffee that was sitting on the coffee table, then his sharp and brooding gaze fell onto Li Xiaoman’s dainty face. He commented nonchalantly, “Well, what do you think?”

She was so pissed because Long Sihao didn’t fall for her prank. She specifically went to the employee’s cafeteria to get that small pack of salt. Such a pity that he didn’t get to taste all that salt.

If it weren’t for raising suspicion, she definitely would have added some pepper oil, chili oil, and wasabi oil.

Too bad so sad, she had failed.

She will definitely prank him next time.

Seeing him acting all careless, it made her want to jump on him and bite him. How the heck did he find it out?

She forced out a crooked smile and asked, “I really want to know how you discovered it.”

Long Sihao looked at her. His lips tightened and he explained lightheartedly, “The moment I learned that you made the coffee, I knew something was wrong.”

Li Xiaoman’s pretty brows frowned slightly as she looked at him askance. “Who told you I made the coffee?”

Long Sihao’s eyebrows tilted upwards, he crossed his legs with suave elegance, glared at Li Xiaoman nonchalantly, and then spoke with tepid temperance, “First of all, I didn’t ask Secretary Ye to make me a cup of coffee; since she would never make coffee voluntarily, it meant you made it. Second of all, you would never make coffee for me, unless you wanted to prank me…”

He stopped talking as his deep, dark eyes locked in on her. His long arms reached out and pulled her towards his chest while she cried out in shock. With his sexy lips worrying her earlobe, his breath on her skin was hot and steamy, and his voice was deep and hoarse now. “Xiaoxiao, I never knew you had a naughty side… can I think of your actions as… caring for me? Hmm?”

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