Chapter 65: He’d Make an Excellent Detective

She felt the back of her ear heating up as a familiar fresh scent was circling in her nostrils. Li Xiaoman’s heart skipped a beat, just like a breeze had blown over peaceful still water, causing ripples after ripples.

“You… who the heck would care for you?” She pushed him away, almost like she had been electrocuted. Her glowering eyes were penetrating into him.

Long Sihao faced her gaze of wrath, as his deep, inky eyes narrowed a bit. The expression on his handsome face was unperturbed. He continued calmly, “Thirdly, you would never agree to feed me coffee, which means something is wrong with the coffee. Fourthly, you accidentally left a telltale piece of evidence on the coffee cup. There were a few grains of salt on the rim.”

As Li Xiaoman finished listening to his deductions, her pretty eyes squinted like a cat. She fought so hard to suppress the burning rage building inside of her. It sucked that she had to admit he was really intelligent. His reasonings were rational, logical, detailed, and careful. He was almost clairvoyant, even noticing the tiny little grains of salt on the cup rim.

He’d make an excellent detective.

Her pretty eyes narrowed as her lush lips slightly pressed together. “How did you know it was salt on the rim of the cup and not sugar?”

There was a hint of a smile in Long Sihao’s deep, dark eyes. His perfectly shaped lips curved up. “Is sugar salty?”

Li Xiaoman looked at him askance, feeling a little defeated. Not only did he possess superhuman vision, but also superhuman hearing. He must have overheard President Ye saying how damn salty the coffee was and guessed there was salt in his coffee.

Her thin, willow leaf shaped eyebrows frowned a little as her clear, bright eyes lowered. There was a hint of defiance on her pretty face, but she masked it very quickly.

She calmed herself, then asked nicely, “Why did you call me into the CEO Office? I’ll get back to work if there isn’t anything else for me to do here.”

Now that she asked, Long Sihao arched his handsome spear like eyebrows and lightly glanced over her face. He stood up, his fair, broad hands grabbed her slender wrist, and he dragged her into the lounge room.

Li Xiaoman’s eyebrows knitted together, her long lashes fluttered, and she asked nervously, “What… what are you doing, really?”

He could hear the hint of nervousness in her sweet voice. The cold, hard countenance on Long Sihao’s handsome face softened a bit. A slight hint of laughter and teasing appeared in his deep, jet-black eyes. The corners of his beautiful lips curved upwards.

He closed the door as soon as they entered the lounge room, and his long arms circled around Li Xiaoman’s tiny waist. With one graceful turn, his much broader and bigger body pressed her against the door and kept her trapped in his arms.

Li Xiaoman’s heart sank. What exactly was he trying to do?

Long Sihao lowered his tall body and looked down at her, just like how a supreme being looks down at mere mortals. Their lips were only a few inches apart. His broad chest pressed against her body, sending waves of searing heat to hers. With each breath, his charming, masculine scent engulfed her like an invisible web, and she could not escape.

The ambiance was too intimate. Li Xiaoman’s body tightened, her back pressed onto the door as hard as she could. Her breathing felt a little constricted as her clear, sparkling eyes looked at Long Sihao with the utmost confusion. “What are you trying to do again?”

Long Sihao’s gorgeous pink lips pressed together tightly. He didn’t speak, instead, his deep, ink-black eyes were piercing into her.

He was not talking. Li Xiaoman tucked in her lips, her heart was beating like a drum, and she did not dare to make a sound.

It was awfully quiet in the lounge. The sound of their rapid breathing seemed unusually loud, tempting and teasing their senses, playing sounds of sweet nothings on the strings of their hearts.

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