Chapter 66: I Don’t Mind

This feeling was so strange, almost like the calm before the storm. Or rather, more like a stick of dynamite that was close to exploding, impatiently waiting for the fuse to burn out, and boom, creating a blast like the big bang.

Li Xiaoman was unreasonably nervous. Her palms were sweaty, and her long lashes fluttered as her eyes lifted up and met Long Sihao’s charming dark eyes. Right now his eyes were glowing, as if they were burning.

Not daring to face his searing gaze, Li Xiaoman lowered her eyelids and asked quietly, “What… what exactly do you want?”

“What do you think?” His deep, husky voice sent hot sensation towards her, then his burning lips covered hers.

Boom! Li Xiaoman felt like a stick of dynamite that had just been ignited by Long Sihao. Her body trembled almost as if she had been struck by lightning. Waves of warmth ran throughout her entire body.

“Xiaoxiao…” Long Sihao was satisfied with her reaction. His dark eyes locked in on her, as a grin appeared in the depths of his gaze.

Li Xiaoman’s body shivered. Her heart was like a rippling lake, her bright eyes were covered with a light layer of fog, and her voice was tinged with hoarseness. “What…what did you call me? Let me go, don’t…don’t do this to me…”

Li Xiaoman had no idea why she was so sensitive all of a sudden. Her logic was telling her that she must push him away now.

Something had got to be wrong with her. Or else, why did she act all weird when she was with Long Sihao?

“Don’t do what to you?” Long Sihao asked her with his seductive hoarse voice. Hot, wet kisses were falling onto her pale, slender neck. “Like this? Hmm?”

“Don’t you kiss… um… no….”

Before she could finish her sentence, Long Sihao lowered his head and kissed her lips again.

“Mmm… you…” Li Xiaoman’s foggy eyes narrowed and stared at him with a hint of rage. “Long Sihao…”

She was ready to push him away, but her hands were being controlled by him. She struggled to twist her body. “Long Sihao, you… what are you doing… let go of me…”

Suddenly, he stopped, yet his lips were still attached to hers. His sensual dark eyes locked in on her pretty, dainty face, his deep voice was so tempting. “Don’t move, or proceed at your own risk.”

His breathing became rapid, the fire in his eyes was hot enough to cremate all living creatures. Waves of passion and sensuality were billowing in his black eyes, strong enough to inundate Li Xiaoman.

Li Xiaoman was stunned when she heard his words. She saw passion burning in his dark eyes and realized something, then she did not dare to move.

Evidently, the man in front of her was no dumb little bunny.

Her pretty eyes squinted like a cat and looked at Long Sihao with anger. Fury appeared on her reddened, exquisite face. “You… you are huge pervert. Get… get the hell away from me…”

“Huge pervert?” Long Sihao his eyes narrowed, a glimpse of a smile shined through his black pupils. He didn’t turn away, instead, he came even closer to her.

His perfect lips were still resting against her ears, his deepened voice husky and seductive. “Do you still take me as a woman now? I thought you said you cheated with me? You forced yourself upon me that night, and I don’t mind if you do it again.”


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