Chapter 68: Your Skirt Is Too Short!

Long Sihao sat in front of his desk as Li Xiaoman was walking out from the lounge. He glanced at her with his cold gaze and frowned slightly, moving his thick and handsome eyebrows. Somehow, he found her sexier than usual with the black stockings.

His pupils contracted to give off a gloomy look, and he felt a burning desire to tear off those black stockings.

Li Xiaoman noticed his gaze, and she crossed her legs instinctively, raising her eyebrows to look at him. “Can I go back to work?” she said coolly.

She turned around and walked toward the exit without waiting for his answer.

“From now on, don’t wear skirts that don’t reach your knees!” Long Sihao’s cold deep voice came from behind her.

After hearing what he said, Li Xiaoman squinted her eyes and said scornfully, “It’s none of your business!”

Long Sihao’s eyes narrowed, and he pressed his thin lips tightly with a cold look. “I’m the Boss. I own this company. Everything is my business!”

Li Xiaoman suppressed her rage and asked. “Why? Why can’t I wear short skirts?”

Long Sihao took a quick glance at her and then turned his eyes back to his computer. His lips pressed together tightly, and he said coldly in a low voice, “Your short skirt is a distraction to others.”

“What?” Li Xiaoman was stunned by his words, and she squinted her eyes in disbelief. My skirt is a distraction? That is ridiculous! Every other girl in this company dresses more revealing and sexier than me, how come he never says anything to them? Wait a minute! I get it! He is picking on me! Why? What did I do to piss him off?

Her beautiful eyes narrowed as she raised her eyebrows and said scornfully, “Sir, if you don’t want me here, I will quit!”

She stared at him and expected a response after she finished talking, but Long Sihao kept his silence while focusing on the computer.

She frowned and waited, but he was still silent.

She squinted her eyes to glare at him, and feeling a growing rage from her, she walked toward the door.

As she was about to leave the office, she heard Long Sihao’s unemotional voice behind her. “Without my permission, you can never leave this company!”

Li Xiaoman turned around instantly to look at him, but his eyes were still on the computer screen with his emotionless face, as if he hadn’t said those words.

Was he talking to me? Li Xiaoman stared at him with uncertainty to make sure she was not having a hallucination.

She frowned and finally walked out of the office with an unsettling feeling as if the interaction with Long Sihao almost suffocated her.

After she left, Long Sihao finally moved his eyes away from the computer and looked at the door. His closed thin lips and thoughtful look gave off a mysterious feeling.

Even though it might not be the right thing to do, he was sure that he had to keep her in this company.

All of a sudden, his phone rang.

He turned his gaze at his phone to see the caller ID and hesitated for a second, then he picked it up.

“Sihao, what took you so long? Are you busy now?” A sweet and gentle voice came from the other end of the call.

Long Sihao’s face softened up and became gentler as he said tenderly, “Not at all! How are you?”

The caller was silent for two seconds, and then she said in an amiable tone of voice, “I’m fine. I want to hear your voice. When are we going back to France? I miss mom and dad.”

Long Sihao held his phone with his usual mysterious look and enigmatic gaze. “I still need to take care of something.”

“But Brother Lorry can help you! Sihao, please come back tonight,” she said sweetly.

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