Chapter 69. To Let These Two Cooperate?

Long Sihao’s eyes narrowed and his gaze turned cold, his thin lips pressed together as he remained silent.

“Sihao, if you don’t come back and accompany me tonight, then I won’t take the medicine,” the person from the other end spoke in a fit of pique.

Long Sihao’s gaze turned even colder while his voice didn’t give any trace of emotion as he said, “Sophie, don’t fool around.”

“Alright, I won’t fool around, but you have to come back. I’ll be waiting for you.” The woman on the other end hung up as she finished.

Long Sihao stared at his phone with his thin lips pressed tightly together, but his expression was still without any trace of emotion.

  • At the Design Department –

Li Xiaoman was called into the Minister’s office after she had returned to the Design Department.

As soon as she entered, she noticed that Yang Limei, whom she slapped twice this morning, was also in the room.

Yang Limei wasn’t happy to see her either and gave Li Xiaoman a loathing look.

Li Xiaoman quickly glanced at her and then turned her gaze away towards the Department Head Yang Zhengfeng, who was sitting behind his desk. “Minister Yang, is there something you need me to do?” Li Xiaoman asked in a clear and soft voice.

Yang Zhengfeng stood up and smiled brightly back at her as he said, “Miss Li, please have a look at this client profile.”

Yang Zhengfeng handed the client profile over as he finished speaking, and the way he acted towards Li Xiaoman was as if he was the eunuch trying hard to impress the Empress.

Yang Limei saw that her own uncle was not only addressing Li Xiaoman as ‘Miss Li’, but also acting in an overly respectful way towards her; she was confused by her uncle’s attitude but at the same time, she became more jealous of Li Xiaoman.

Yang Limei’s lips twitched in anger as her hands clenched into fists. A trace of hatred flashed across her eyes as she sneered at Li Xiaoman.

Li Xiaoman was slightly confused as she took the client profile, and she looked up at Yang Zhengfeng after she read it over in detail. “Sir, are you suggesting…”

Yang Zhengfeng smiled at Li Xiaoman as he said, “Miss Li, Li Changyuan is the biggest client of our company and we’ve worked with him for a long time. Three of his jewelry shops have a reserved counter for our company. It will be Mrs. Li’s birthday next month, and Mr. Li wants to give his wife a set of custom made jewelry. He specifically mentioned that he wanted one of our designers to complete this task, but his standards are very high and he wasn’t satisfied by most of the designs we’ve offered. I’ve personally seen Miss Li’s designs, they were very unique, original, fashionable, and…”

“Ahem…” Yang Limei coughed impatiently as she interrupted Yang Zhengfeng’s endless praises for Li Xiaoman. “Sir… have you praised enough?”

Yang Zhengfeng frowned at Yang Limei and looked back at Li Xiaoman smilingly. “Miss Li, Limei has been one of our outstanding designers, so I’ll leave this task of designing a set of jewelry for Mrs. Li up to you two. I believe that your cooperations will definitely satisfy CEO Li’s standards.”

Li Xiaoman frowned. Yang Limei had disliked her since she started working at TE and now Yang Zhengfeng wanted them to work together? It would be weird if conflicts don’t occur in the future.

As she was thinking about this, Yang Limei’s voice sounded. “Don’t worry, sir. We’ll definitely complete this task perfectly.”

She raised her eyebrows at Li Xiaoman and with a strange smile she continued, “Right? Miss Li…”

Yang Limei purposely added some emphasis on the words ‘Miss Li’.

Li Xiaoman pressed her lips together and her crystal clear eyes stared back at Yang Zhengfeng as she said, “Yes Director, I’ll try my best to design a set of jewelry that will meet CEO Li’s standards.”


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