Chapter 7: Conquered, One Night

Every scene from last night played out like a movie in Li Xiaoman’s mind.

It was the Huo Family’s annual banquet last night, and she attended the banquet as the granddaughter-in-law. She got tired from mingling and returned to her hotel room, where she saw Huo Yunxi.

They then had a few drinks together.

She got drunk and woke up to three creepy men who tried to rape her.

A stranger saved her, but because she was drugged, she initiated, in the bathroom…


Li Xiaoman sneezed. The rest of what happened last night was blurry but she didn’t want to think more about it.

Her face was pale and tears ran down her face; she was in great agony.

She had a one night stand and lost her virginity to a stranger.

Li Xiaoman gripped onto her blanket tightly, there wasn’t anyone beside her when she woke up. She bit her lip and cried in silence, she wanted to die.

She recalled what the three creepy men had told her last night and that it was Huo Yunxi who hired them. She felt not only heartbroken from his actions but also rage.

Her teary eyes were red from anger, and she cried out loud with hatred, “Huo Yunxi, you b-----d, you are not human…” She had lost her virginity to a stranger because of him. Li Xiaoman hated him.

He was her husband, so how could he do something like that?

How was his actions any different from a beast?

“I hate you, Huo Yunxi.”

With her arms wrapped around her knees, she cried in agony for a while before she got out of the bed. She grabbed her dress from the floor, put it on, and ran into the washroom.

She didn’t dare to look into the mirror and rushed out of the hotel room after only washing her face.

Just after she left, Long Sihao, dressed in his dark haute couture suit, walked into the hotel room. His brows pinched slightly together when he noticed that Li Xiaoman wasn’t in the bed. He then walked into the bathroom, his steps carrying a hint of anxiousness.

Behind him was a man in a blue suit, who was confused by Long Sihao’s actions. Why was the president so anxious? Could it be that he was looking for that lady from last night?Long Sihao walked out of the bathroom with a stony face. That face which is suffocatingly handsome seemed as if it was covered with a layer of frost as his thin lips pressed tightly together, exuding a cold and chilling aura.

“Boss, what’s wrong? Were you looking for that lady who vomited on you and then had you for the whole night?” Long Sihao’s executive assistant, Lorry, asked. “She was so bold to have managed to bring down an abstinent man like you.”
Long Sihao’s gaze was sharp like a sword as he said in an icy cold voice, “Did you find out the identities of the three creeps?”

Lorry nodded. “Yes, they are…”


After Li Xiaoman left the hotel, she wandered in the streets like a broken doll.

She was in so much agony knowing that she had lost her virginity to a stranger, and even worse, that it was her husband who planned this.

She didn’t watch out for the  cars that drove around her. She didn’t step aside when people got in her way. She seemed to have lost her soul.

She didn’t hear people’s apologies when they bumped into her.

Nor did she hear the scolding she received when she bumped into them.

Even if the cars behind her honked loudly, she showed no reaction, as if she didn’t hear anything.

She cried the whole way back, and her eyes turned so red yet her tears dried up.

Li Xiaoman walked for a long time until she got back to Jade Garden. She was as fragile as a withered flower.

The moment she entered the mansion, she saw Maid Lin, who looked very serious.

Maid Lin approached Li Xiaoman quickly after seeing her pale face.. “Second Young Madam, what happened to you?”

Li Xiaoman didn’t reply, as she kept walking.

Maid Lin’s face became complicated as she grabbed Li Xiaoman by the arm and said, “Young Madam, don’t… don’t go in yet, Young Master Huo is…”

Having heard Huo Yunxi’s name, Li Xiaoman recalled again what the three creepy men had told her last night. Her hands clenched into fists, and her eyes filled with anger and hate as she looked at Maid Lin. “He’s back home?”

Maid Lin hesitated for a moment and nodded her head, “Yes, he’s back, but …”

Li Xiaoman walked past Maid Lin before she could finish her sentence. She turned towards the living room with rage and sadness.

Maid Lin panicked. “Young Madam, don’t go in.”

Li Xiaoman seemed as if she didn’t hear her, she continued walking.


Li Xiaoman was stunned by the moaning sounds from the living room, she felt cold all over.

“Ahh… Yunxi… You are so awesome…”

A mix of moaning sounds came from the living room.

Li Xiaoman was disgusted by these sounds; they hit her like a bomb.

Tears of sorrow burst out from her eyes; she couldn’t believe that Huo Yunxi was cheating on her.

After all the cruel things he planned to hurt her, he also betrayed her.

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