Chapter 70: Don’t Worry, I’ll Definitely Let You Know

Li Xiaoman returned to her desk after she left the office, and Yang Limei approached her as she sat down and said coldly, “Li Xiaoman, I just contacted Mr. Li and invited him for dinner at Huaxi Restaurant to discuss over the details with us. When you get off work, just head straight to the restaurant with me. Okay, it’s been decided.”

Yang Limei didn’t give Li Xiaoman a chance to speak at all and walked back to her own desk.

Li Xiaoman stared at Yang Limei who had returned to her seat, and her eyes narrowed as she sensed something strange about this dinner. However, Director Yang had appointed them to work on this project together and she had no reason to reject this dinner invitation.

“Manman, why was she asking you to go to Huaxi Restaurant? And who’s Mr. Li?” Lin Momo came over and asked Li Xiaoman curiously.

Li Xiaoman’s brows pinched together as she looked up and replied. “Mr. Li is one of our biggest clients and it’s his wife’s birthday next month, so Director Yang appointed both Yang Limei and I to design a set of custom made jewelry as Mrs. Li’s birthday gift.”

Lin Momo took a quick glimpse at Yang Limei and looked back at Li Xiaoman. “Manman,” she said, sounding worried, “why do I smell something fishy about this, how come Director Yang asked specifically you two to take on this project? How about I go with you to that Huaxi Restaurant? That Mr. Li better not be an old pervert.”

Li Xiaoman was touched by Lin Momo’s concerns as she looked up and gave her a warm smile. “Momo, thank you for worrying about me. I’ll be fine, it’s just discussing some details about the jewelry with Mr. Li and nothing else. But if anything happens, I’ll definitely call you.”

Lin Momo nodded back at her and emphasized again. “If anything happens, you must call me.”

Li Xiaoman raised her eyebrows and smiled at her. “Don’t worry! If anything happens, I’ll definitely let you know.”


Li Xiaoman didn’t expect that Li Changyuan had sent his chauffeur to pick her and Yang Limei up, nor did she expect that they would arrive at the most luxurious Jinhao Nightclub in K city.

She only knew that they weren’t going to Huaxi Restaurant after she had gotten out of the car.

Li Xiaoman wanted to leave immediately, but Yang Limei reminded her again that they can’t displease Li Changyuan as he was the biggest client and dragged her into a VIP room.

It was a spacious VIP room with unique interior designs; the floor was made of triangular slabs of marble, while the sofa had a passionate bright red color.

A man in his forties wearing glasses was sitting on the sofa, and he had a serious expression.

Li Xiaoman felt uncomfortable as it was her first time entering a nightclub, and the bad feeling she had about this meeting grew stronger.

Yang Limei lightly pushed Li Xiaoman forward and smiled as she approached Li Changyuan herself. “Mr. Li, sorry for the wait, this is my colleague Li Xiaoman.”

Li Changyuan turned his gaze towards Li Xiaoman and looked at her from head to toe. “Miss Yang, Miss Li, let’s take a seat,” he said to them without much change of his serious expression.

“Okay!” Yang Limei smiled and nodded at Li Changyuan as she pulled Li Xiaoman onto the big red sofa.

Just as they sat down, the waiter came with drinks.

Yang Limei poured three glasses of wine and handed one to Li Changyuan, she smiled as she held up her glass and said, “Mr. Li, it was originally my treat tonight but now you’re treating us, so I have to thank you for your generosity.”

Li Xiaoman sat beside Yang Limei and observed her quietly, and the more she thought about tonight, the fishier it became. Yang Limei hadn’t informed her about the change of location, and when they arrived here Yang Limei dragged directly into this VIP room like she was familiar with this place.

Li Changyuan noticed that Li Xiaoman hadn’t spoken since she entered, nor did she pick up her glass of wine. He cracked a smile and said, “Miss Li, are you not going to have a drink? Am I not worthy to drink with you?”

Yang Limei glanced at Li Changyuan and quickly handed a glass of wine to Li Xiaoman. “Mr. Li is a big client at our company; if he offers a drink then you must drink it.”

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